Forms listed below are used when requesting Travel Reimbursement (revised 1/1/2018)

The following forms are used for a variety of travel related requests, such as for one-day travel, in-state and out-of-state travel personal reimbursements.   These are "Fillable PDF's" meaning you can type information into the form for printing only.  They will not allow you to save a copy of the completed form unless your PC has a copy of Adobe Professional installed.

Travel Forms:

 If you have questions, please contact Service Center or Business Services  for assistance.

Prior Travel Forms through 12/31/2017 - Prior forms will be kept on website for 30 days.  Please submit 2017 reimbursement requests.

              Local Mileage 2017 Reimbursement Form                Travel Expense Reimbursement 2017 Request Form


 Travel Rate Changes:

Travel reimbursement requests are typically made by the traveler at the end of each trip on the Travel Expense Reimbursement form.  Reimbursement rate calculations are built into the formulas on the form.  Be aware that SOU may update travel reimbursement rates during the course of the academic year.  What this means to you is that if your travel occurred prior to the new rates going into effect AND before you submit for reimbursement, please be mindful to use the Travel Reimbursement Request Form with the prior rate.   

For example, if the SOU travel reimbursement rates are changed effective March 1st, then all travel on or after March 1st should be submitted on the updated Travel Expense Reimbursement form.  If your travel occurred prior to March 1, then the travel is reimbursed using the prior Travel Expense Reimbursement for with the prior rate.

See Service Center to use correct form.   

 Directions - Form print directions

  1. To download the form - click the form you wish to download (note: if a "File Download" box appears, click "Save this program to disk," and click the OK button).  In the "Save As" dialog box, choose the location for the form.
  2. To open the form - open Windows Explorer and browse to the location of the downloaded form then double click the form name.
  3. To save the form - select File/Save As (note: you can save what you've entered at any time while you are filling out the Omniform).  Change the form name so you will recognize it next time you need it and then click the Save button.
  4. To print the form - select File/Print, choose your printer, and then click the OK button.

 Helpful Hints

  1. The [Tab] key not the [Enter] key moves the cursor through the form, or you can use the mouse to click into individual fields.
  2. Pressing Shift[Tab] will move the cursor backward through the fields. Be careful: when moving through the fields, don't type over any highlighted text in fields that have already been filled.
  3. To navigate through the pages of a multipage form, you have two choices: (a) Press the [Tab] key in the last filed on a page, or (b) click any of the page numbers appearing in the lower right-hand corner of the form.
  4. Caution: When you first save a form, avoid using the "diskette" icon on the tool bar since this will automatically save the form to a temp directory. You should use the File/Save As option and store the form in a more logical location. These forms can be opened, modified, and printed later by double clicking on the form's icon in Windows Explorer. As with all good file management practices, you should remain aware of the location of your saved files. For SOU network users, try saving your forms into a newly created F:\E-forms directory.
  5. Helpful text is displayed on the status bar at the bottom of each form and is specific to the field you are positioned on.
  6. The yellow highlighting on the fields can be turned off and on by clicking the yellow light bulb icon on the tool bar. This allows you to print a black and white copy of the form.
  7. Wrapping within text boxes works as you might expect, but there is a limited amount of space allotted for e ach field. In some cases you can continue typing beyond the space that is displayed on the form, but the text font will automatically get smaller in order to fit the space. 
  8. Forms with fields that have too little space for the information you need to include can be submitted with addendums, which you create in a word processing program. Be sure to reference the form, page, and item.

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