Travel Forms

Forms listed below are used when requesting Travel Reimbursement. 

Travel Forms - Students only:

Travel Forms - Faculty/Staff Students only:

 If you have questions, please contact Service Center or Business Services  for assistance.

Travel Rate Changes:

Travel reimbursement requests are typically made by the traveler at the end of each trip on the Travel Expense Reimbursement form.  Reimbursement rate calculations are built into the formulas on the form.  Be aware that SOU may update travel reimbursement rates during the course of the academic year.  What this means to you is that if your travel occurred prior to the new rates going into effect AND before you submit for reimbursement, please be mindful to use the Travel Reimbursement Request Form with the prior rate.  

 For example, if the SOU travel reimbursement rates are changed effective March 1st, then all travel on or after March 1st should be submitted on the updated Travel Expense Reimbursement form.  If your travel occurred prior to March 1, then the travel is reimbursed using the prior Travel Expense Reimbursement for with the prior rate.  Contact Service Center to verify use of correct form if in doubt.   


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