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Spend the Summer Digging History on the Oregon Coast!

Check it out! SOULA archaeologists Chelsea Rose and Mark Tveskov discuss the archaeology of the Rogue River War and the upcoming SOU archaeological field school

This Field School is an intensive four week, 4-credit course (SOAN 375) where students participate in archaeological investigations into the Rogue River Wars of 1853-1856. The Field School will introduce students to historical archaeology method and theory, remote sensing, survey, excavation, GPS, artifact identification & cataloging, stratigraphy, primary document analysis, and public outreach through fieldwork, field trips, and guest speakers.

Archaeological excavations will focus on two sites: the Geisel Monument and the Miner’s Fort site. The Geisel family were German immigrants who settled in sovereign Tututni lands during the Oregon gold rush, and found themselves in the middle of a dramatic battle when they were attacked in February of 1856. Mr. Geisel and his sons were killed, their home was burned down, and the Geisel women taken hostage. The remaining Curry County pioneers, some with local Native American wives, sought refuge in Miner’s Fort, a log fortification built overlooking the Pacific Ocean. These sites are part of a violent landscape of war that had no front lines, and are central to the understanding the colonial process in southern Oregon that led to the removal of Native people to the Coast Reservation.

For more information contact: Chelsea Rose, MA, RPA and Mark Tveskov, PhD Southern Oregon University Laboratory of Anthropology 1250 Siskiyou Blvd. Ashland, OR (541)552-6764  

Small excavation1Field School Participants will camp together near Gold Beach on the Oregon coast during the field school. The project will take place in two sessions: July 5-July 14, and July 19-July 28, with a break in between. We will live in tents at a field camp on the sometimes rainy Oregon coast, so students should be prepared for wet, and muddy conditions. Food will be cooked communally and the camp maintained by all participants. The town of Gold Beach is within walking distance of the campground. Transportation to and from Ashland will be provided at the beginning and end of both sessions, but students are welcome to bring their own cars as well. Curry County provides many amazing opportunities for hiking and exploration.

All participants must be able to meet the strenuous demands of archaeological excavation and hiking under rugged field conditions in the rain and mud of the Oregon coast. All participants will be working and living together in close quarters, and the ability to get along with others is essential. The class is open to currently enrolled college students of any background, with the only prerequisites being an interest in archaeology and an ability to work hard as part of the team. All participants are expected to understand and follow Southern Oregon University Student Conduct Code


All students must obtain instructor approval to enroll in the class. Enrollment is limited. Students should apply to Mark Tveskov. The deadline for priority acceptance is May 1, 2016.

Once accepted, to register for the course, non-SOU students must first complete an SOU non-admit application. There is no cost to complete the application and doing so will enter the student into the SOU registration system which will provide them with an SOU email account and access to our Moodle course management software. If you are a current SOU student, you can use the traditional online course registration process to register for the course. For additional registration information please contact Dr. Matt Stillman, Director of Enrollment & Retention Assessment, at 541-552-8535. The Archaeological Field School costs $2,000 for all students, which includes tuition, transportation from Ashland, lodging, and food. All students must have health insurance to participate in the field school.

Scholarships are available for enrolled members of Federally Recognized Indian Tribes and military veterans to attend the field school. Priority for these scholarships will be given to SOU students, but all are welcome to apply. Deadline for the scholarship application is May 1, 2016, and scholarship will be awarded by May 15.

Field School Application

In an email, please provide your name, address, email, phone numbers, University/College, Major, Class Standing, and the names, phone number, and email of two references. Describe, in one or two paragraphs, how attending an archaeological field school focused on the Rogue River Wars of 1855-56 can enrich your personal, educational, and professional goals, and how your participation, in turn, will add value to the project. Email this to the project director, Dr. Mark Tveskov.

Tribal and Veteran Scholarship Application

Tribal and Veterans Scholarship for the 2016 Southern Oregon University Archaeological Field School

The Southern Oregon University Division of Social Science and the SOU Laboratory of Anthropology are pleased to offer three individual $1,000 scholarships towards the fees and tuition for the 2016 SOU Archaeological Field School. This scholarship is available on a competitive basis to service members and veterans and enrolled members of Federally recognized Indian Tribes. Applicants must be enrolled in higher education and priority will be given to Southern Oregon University Students.

Scholarship Details
$1,000 paid directly towards field school tuition and fees for the 2016 SOAN 375 Archaeological Field School

Eligible Applicants must:
Be retired, honorably discharged, active duty, or a member of the National Guard or Reserve, or;
An enrolled member of a federally recognized Indian Tribe, And;
Currently enrolled in an institution of higher education in good standing.


In an email, provide your name, address, phone number, email, student ID (for SOU Students), your College/University, your academic major, your class standing, your GPA at the time of your last completed term, and your branch of service and/or your Tribal membership. In the same email, write an 8-10 paragraph essay that reflects on how attending an archaeological field school focused on the Rogue River Wars of 1855-56 can enrich your personal, educational, and professional goals, and how your participation, in turn, will add value to the project. Finally, provide the name, email, and phone number of two people who can attest to your academic and personal preparation for attending this class. Applications will be reviewed by the Project Director, the Course Instructor, and the Director of SOU’s Social Science Division. Email applications to Mark Tveskov, Deadline for the scholarship application is April 15, 2016.