Resolution Agreement

In addition to state and federal laws on accessibility and accommodations for individuals with disabilities, on March 15, 2017 Southern Oregon University and the National Federation of the Blind entered into a resolution agreement. To resolve the concerns identified in the resolution agreement, SOU has taken the necessary steps to ensure that all SOU programs and activities are accessible to blind individuals.

The resolution agreement required SOU to do the following:

  • Designate an Accessibility Coordinator and an Accessible Technology Specialist
  • Adopt and/or revise policies which ensure individuals with disabilities shall not be denied services, programs or activities of SOU, or subjected to discrimination
  • Develop an Accessibility Complaint Resolution Process
  • Ensure that public restrooms on campus are identified by signage that includes tactile and Braille
  • Provide ADA training for Students, Faculty and Staff
  • Undergo a full technology audit
  • Ensure that SOU's public website and SOU's web interface to student and library information systems, as well as any online forms are accessible under WCAG 2.0 AA Standards
  • Ensure that course content, including co-curricular materials, electronic and information technology and online coursework is accessible

The link below is to the Corrective Action Strategy document which lists areas for improvement as indicated in the full technology audit, and the timelines and steps SOU will take to address these items.

Corrective Action Strategy