Accessible housing overview

If you are living on campus in either the Residence Halls or Student and Family Housing and need accommodations for that housing space, you've come to the right place! Disability Resources works closely with University Housing to make sure that student living situations are accessible for a wide variety of disabilities. This could include:

  • accessible fire alarms and door notification systems for Deaf or hard of hearing residents
  • priority eligibility for single rooms
  • accommodations for assistance animals (service or emotional support)
  • planning and access for those with food allergies


  • Complete an application for Disability Resources.
  • When filling out the application for University Housing, there is a question about medical needs and accommodation. Make sure to mention what it is you need in that application.
  • Provide documentation to Disability Resources related to your requested need; we cannot provide housing accommodations on a provisional basis/without documentation
  • Schedule and attend an appointment with Disability Resources staff to discuss your request(s)

Timing of requests

Accessible housing requests (including assistance animal requests) may be submitted at any time and SOU will make a good faith effort to accommodate. Because housing availability is limited, SOU may not be able to accommodate requests that are made after the following:
  • 45 days before the start of any term for Assistance Animal requests;
  • August 1 for fall term;
  • December 1 for winter term; and
  • March 1 for spring term.