The most private and confidential way to contact our Ombuds is via the private Gmail Email address ( or in person.  However, you may also contact them via their University Email address or University phone number. Note that these communication methods are neither private nor secure because they may constitute communications that the University may be obliged to retain pursuant to record retention requirements or are electronically preserved in the ordinary course of university business.

Presently, no physical Faculty Ombuds Office exists.  Therefore, meeting locations will be determined and agreed upon by the Ombuds and each Visitor.  Meetings may take place on the phone, at SOU’s Hannon Library, over Zoom, or at an off-campus site, e.g. a regional coffee shop or public library.

In case of an emergency, please contact Campus Public Safety at 541-552-6258 (8:00 AM – 5:00 PM) or 541-552-6911 (Evenings and Weekends) or dial 911.

Dr. Cody Christopherson
Office Number: 541-552-8491

Dr. Rachel Jochem
Office Number: 541-552-6993

Private EMail: