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Request to Employ Student for Graduate Assistantships
Please note: The awarding of graduate assistantships to programs for 2018-2019 is now closed. We will begin again in Winter Term 2019 for 2019-2020 positions.

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Western Regional Graduate Program (WRGP) AY2017-2018


Composition of the Graduate Faculty
The president, provost, and associate provost are sui generis members of the graduate faculty. Qualified faculty and professionals are eligible for nomination to the graduate faculty by the program chair or coordinator, with final approval by the director of Graduate Studies, and may serve indefinitely in the capacity of Graduate Faculty, or for five years in the capacity Associate Graduate Faculty or Adjunct Graduate Faculty. Appointments to the graduate faculty are submitted by the Director of Graduate Studies to the Chair of the Graduate Council for review by the Council and ratification by the Faculty Senate. Further explanation and forms below.

Graduate Faculty
All full-time faculty with the academic rank of professor, associate professor, assistant professor, or senior instructor I or senior instructor II who have a terminal degree or equivalent in their discipline and have demonstrated a continuing commitment to scholarship and professional growth are eligible for appointment to the graduate faculty. A Graduate Faculty member may teach a range of graduate classes in the graduate program and may serve as either a chair or a committee member of a thesis or other graduate committee.

Associate Graduate Faculty
Part-time faculty, and regular faculty who are not appointed as graduate faculty, may be nominated to serve as Associate Graduate Faculty. Associate Graduate Faculty members may teach specific graduate classes and may serve as members of a thesis or graduate committee, but they may not chair a thesis or graduate committee. Associate Graduate Faculty appointments are for five years and are renewable.

Adjunct Graduate Faculty
Professional and other subject matter experts who are not members of the faculty and are drawn from the community or a regional educational, industrial, or governmental institution to temporarily assist an academic program in meeting its teaching needs may be named members of the Adjunct Graduate Faculty. They may serve as guest lecturers or instructors in graduate classes or as thesis or graduate committee members, but they may not chair a thesis or graduate committee. Adjunct Graduate Faculty appointments are for five years and are renewable.