Tentative Schedule Subject to Change

Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies Course Offerings for 2017-2018

Unless otherwise noted all classes are held on the Ashland campus.

GSWS 201: Introduction to Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies. Offered Fall and Spring Term.

GSWS 301: Global Gender Movements. Offered Winter Term.

GSWS 311: Masculinities. Offered Spring Term

GSWS 313: Fat Studies. Offered Spring Term.

GSWS 342: Queer Loves and Communities Offered Winter Term. 

GSWS 343: Gender and the Body. Offered Fall Term.

GSWS 410: Feminist Queer Theory in Action. Offered Winter Term.


Electives that count towards the GSWS Minor

Unless otherwise noted all classes are held on the Ashland campus.

ARTH 450: Race, Gender, and Ethnicity in Art. Offered Fall Term.

COMM 460A: Women Transforming Language. Offered Fall Term. 

ENG 418: The British Novel after 1850. Offered Winter Term.

ENG 448: Major Figures in Literature: Atwood. Offered Fall Term.

ENG 454: U.S. Ethnic Literature. Offered Winter Term.

NAS 368: Queer Indigenous Studies. Offered Winter Term.

PHL 373: Philosophy and Sexuality. Offered: Spring Term.

PSY 369: Human Sexuality. Offered: Fall, Winter, and Spring Term.

PSY 492: Psychology of Women. Offered: Winter Term.

SOAN 304: Poverty, Family, and Policy. Offered: Fall and Winter Term.

SOAN 312: Sociology of Families. Offered Winter Term.

SOAN 322: Schools and Society. Offered Spring Term. 

SOAN 340: Sociology of Gender. Offered: Spring Term.