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Faculty Senate is composed of 24 members elected by the faculty who have the sole authority and responsibility to act for and on behalf of the faculty. 

Listed below are the 2020-21 Faculty Senate Members, committee assignments, constituencies and terms are listed. 


2021-22 Faculty Senate Membership


Faculty Senators 2021-2022 Division Term Term Ends Committees
Alma Rosa Alvarez HC First 2023-2024  
Melissa Anderson Library Second 2022-2023 Chair
Jackie Apodaca OCA First 2023-2024  
Amy Belcastro DEHL First 2022-2023  
Jeremiah Carlton BCE First 2021-2022  Elect
Anne Connor HC First 2023-2024  
Brian Fedorek SS Second 2023-2024 Chair-elect, ConC
Andrew Gay At-large Second 2021-2022 AC
Kristin Hocevar BCE First 2023-2024 Elect
Rachel Jochem SS First 2023-2024  
Jesse Longhurst DEHL Second 2021-2022 Const
Christopher Lucas At-large First 2023-2024 ConC
Merrilyne Lundahl HC First 2022-2023 ConC
Matt Moreali US First 2021-2022 AC
Anna Oliveri STEM First 2022-2023 Secretary
Michael Parker OCA First 2023-2024  
Michael Parker STEM Second 2022-2023  
Jessica Piekielek SS First 2023-2024  
Mark Siders BCE Second 2022-2023  AC
Ellen Siem At-large First 2021-2022 Const
Michael Stanfill OCA First 2021-2022  
Chad Thatcher DEHL Second 2022-2023 Elect
Lisa Wileman At-large First 2023-2024  
Kemble Yates STEM Second 2021-2022 Past chair, Const


2021-2022 Faculty Senate Advisory Council




Senate Chair Melissa Anderson
Chair-elect Brian Fedorek
Secretary Anna Oliveri
Past Chair Kemble Yates
Senator Andrew Gay
Senator Matt Moreali
Senator Mark Siders

2020-2021 Other Faculty Representation

Position Name
AOF Kemble Yates
Budget Mark Siders
IFS Devora Shapiro, Donna Lane
Policy Council Amy Belcastro
UPB  - 



Key to Committee Abbreviations:

AC = Advisory Council

AOF = Association of Oregon Faculty

BC = Budget Committee

ConC = Committee on Committees

Const = Constitution Committee

EC = Election Committee

HP = Hearing Panel and Committees

IFS = Interinstitutional Faculty Senate

UPB = University Planning Board


Faculty Senate
1250 Siskiyou Blvd
Ashland, OR 97520
(541) 552-6506


Updated: 06.14.2021