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University Studies Petition for  Substitution


Petition for Substitution Forms

Please carefully review the FAQs in the section above before selecting a form. Depending on the type of course you would like reviewed, please download, print and complete the appropriate form:

Foundation Strands Petition (for Strands A, B and C)

Foundation Strands Petition for Quantitative Reasoning (for Strand D)

Exploration Strands Petition (for Strands E, F and G)

Integration Strands Petition (for Strands H, I and J)

Completed packets can be submitted to:

Elizabeth Whitman, CS 216
Foundation Strand packets (Strands A, B and C)

Dr. Sherry Ettlich, SC 157
Quantitative Reasoning Strand packets (Strand D)

Dr. Lee Ayers, CS 211
Exploration and Integration Strand packets (Strands E, F, G, H, I and J)