General education is one way that SOU supports a student's learning of basic foundational skills and of how to become a productive member of society. At SOU we believe that learning to communicate effectively and to evaluate information and ideas are essential attributes of an educated person. We also want students to gain a broad understanding of the world and all its diversity.

The University Studies program is a dynamic general education program that is based on these student-learning outcomes. This program reflects SOU's and the Oregon University System's outcomes-based approach to curriculum development. Each course is aimed to deliver you skills or intellectual development, measured in goals and proficiencies, aimed to prepare you for a successful, productive life.

Students entering SOU with transfer credit from an accredited institution must meet one of the following lower division general education requirement options listed below. In addition, all students must complete three upper division university studies integration courses at SOU. Students entering SOU with transfer credit will be assigned to one of the following options:

Option 1. Completion of SOU's University Studies requirements (see

Option 2. Completion of an Associate of Arts-Oregon Transfer (AAOT), Associate of Science-Oregon Transfer (ASOT) degree, Oregon Transfer Module (OTM) as certified by an Oregon community college, Direct Transfer Associate Degree (DTA) as certified by a Washington college, or an Associate Degree for Transfer (AA/AS Transfer) as certified by a California Community College.

Option 3. Completion of general education requirements at an accredited four-year institution of higher education. Students must provide documentation from the institution stating that general education requirements were met.

Option 4. Completion of Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) or the California State University (CSU) requirement, or an Articulated Program Agreement with Southern Oregon University.. Students must provide documentation stating this curriculum was completed.

University Studies Transfer Requirements 

Writing/Oral Communication:

Courses equivalent to WR 121, 122, (Comp I and II) and Comm 125 - Interpersonal Comm, Comm 210 - Public Speaking, Comm 225 - Small Group Comm, or Comm 310 - Advanced Public Speaking. OR USem 101, 102 & 103. C- or better in each class. * If a student transfers in with WR 121 only, then they will take USem 102 and 103. If a student transfers in two of the three, requirements the third class can be completed at SOU.


4 credits of college-level math from courses that require intermediate algebra or two years of high school algebra as prerequisite. See Academic Support Programs for Math Placement - 541-552-6213


(minimum 9 credits) Two- three lower division courses from Humanities, Art, Communication, English, Foreign Languages and Literature, Music, Philosophy, Theater Arts, or General Humanities. (non-studio)

Social Science:

(minimum 9 credits) Two- three lower division courses from Anthropology, Criminology, Geography, History, Political Science, Psychology, Economics, Sociology, General Social Science, and Women's Studies.


(minimum 11 credits/two with lab) Two- three lower division courses, with at least two having labs, from Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Studies, Physical Geography, Geology, Physics, and General Science.


Students must complete one upper division course in each area.Maximum of two may be in your major and/or per suject. Must be an approved Upper Division Integration Course as listed below:


 3-4 credits



 3-4 credits



 3-4 credits