The Criminology & Criminal Justice curriculum is designed to provide students with a high quality education that will prepare them for careers in the criminal justice system at local, state and national levels. Students are advised and mentored by CCJ faculty members who respond to unique student interests and career paths. An exceptional academic experience including academic advising is extended to distance learners who finish their degrees in our online degree completion program. The CCJ Department has rigorous expectations for students that are clearly communicated in knowledge, skill and dispositional outcomes. Faculty members have carefully designed a curriculum and advising strategy that maximizes student learning and potential for success in the criminal justice field. The CCJ curriculum includes required courses in each of the core areas of the criminal justice system (police, law/courts and corrections) as well as criminology theory, research, policy and juvenile delinquency. Required courses prepare students to meet the knowledge and skill outcomes that have been developed by CCJ faculty members and elective courses round out the individualized academic experience for each student. Students learn in the classroom, online in the community and in criminal justice agencies through internships and other community-based learning opportunities.