Southern Oregon University Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice is proud of our graduates.  Take a look at what our alumni have accomplished and how our students have used their CCJ degree to contribute to society and enrich their lives.



Gregg Hastings, Lieutenant, Public Information Officer, Oregon State Police

Gregg Hastings


Gregg graduated from SOU in 1978 and immediately joined the Oregon State Police as a patrol trooper and patrol supervisor working in the Portland area both in The Dalles and the Government Camp Mt. Hood area.  In his current position as the Public Information Officer, which he has occupied since 1996, Gregg handles daily media-related duties and major crisis events that receive international attention.   



  Ronald Wampole, Oregon State Police

Ronald has worked for more than 30 years with the Oregon State Police and USSS.  He attended SOU from 1971 to 1973 and then again from 1975 to 1977. 



Julie Harrison, State of Oregon Department of Human Services

After graduating from SOU in 1987, Julie was employed as a case manager and lead PSI investigator for the Linn CountyJulie Harrison Department of Health Services from 1993-2002.  She worked closely with local law enforcement agencies, Probation/Parole, and the criminal justice system to investigate abuse and neglect. In 2002, Julie began working as an investigator with the State of Oregon Office of Investigations and Training where she coordinated with local and state law enforcement agencies, and Oregon Department of Justice and Medicaid Fraud Unit to investigate abuse and neglect for individuals with mental illness and/or developmental disabilities.  Currently, Julie works for the CDDP Relations and Community Support Unit for the Oregon Department of Human Services.


Allison Novinger, Washington County Corrections

Allison is a parole and probation officer with the Washington County Corrections Department.  Since her 1984 graduation from SOU she has also worked as a community service coordinator and as an intake officer.  


Tim Diestel, San Francisco Juvenile Probation Department

Tim graduated in 1987 and has held several jobs in CCJ or a related field.  He has been a peace officer and counselor, a manager, a supervisor, as well as assistant director of Juvenile Hall, assistant director of the Log Cabin Ranch School, and director of Juvenile Hall.  Today, Tim works with the Juvenile Probation Department in San Francisco, California.


Ann Estrada, California State Attorney

Ann worked 10 years as a paramedic in California, in both Oakland and San Francisco before completing law school and becoming an attorney for the State of California.  Although Ann was not a part of law enforcement working as a paramedic, she is thankful for her degree from SOU, which she received in 1985.  Her bachelor's degree in Criminology was beneficial to her as she attended law school.   


Kenneth Scott Kubik, Coordinator of Personnel and Pupil Services, Madison County School System

As a police officer in California for the cities of Escondido and Eureka, Kenneth was able to utilize his CCJ degree.  Kenneth was a student at SOU from 1985 to 1987.  Currently he is the coordinator of Personnel and Pupil Services for the Madison County School system in Huntsville, Alabama.



 Richard Hall, President, Anderson Financial Group

Richard Hall



Richard was employed with the Washington County Community Corrections for three years after attending SOU.  Richard fulfilled his practicum between his junior and senior year for the Washington County Community Corrections office and upon graduating in 1990 was offered several positions there.  He says, "I would highly recommend doing an internship/practicum."  Richard's current occupation is that of President of Anderson Financial Group.  




 Suzy (Lattin) Isham, Captain of Regional/Advanced Training, Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training

Suzy has been active with law enforcement since her 1992 graduation from SOU.  Within three months of graduating, SuzySuzy Isham was hired by the Marion County Sheriff's Office, where she worked for 10 years as a patrol officer, a DUII enforcement unit officer, a detective, a school resource officer, and a drug task force agent.  In 1995, Suzy married Russ Isham, the current Marion County Sheriff.  The Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST) in Salem hired Suzy in 2002.  While there she worked for two and a half years as the Traffic Safety Training Lieutenant, training law enforcement in a variety of training topics such as SFST, Drug Recognition, Lidar/Radar, Traffic Crash Investigation, Intoxilyzer 5000/8000, and mobile video.  In addition, Suzy is an instructor in Range 3000/Milo and a scenario evaluator.  Suzy is a certified Police Officer with a Management Certificate.  As a captain of Regional/Advanced Training at the Oregon DPSST, Suzy oversees a section of the Oregon Public Safety Academy which administers, coordinates, and trains all advanced police, corrections, parole and probation, and telecommunicator training across the state. 

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