CCJ students have a variety of opportunities in and out of the classroom to develop and demonstrate their academic skills and career potential. For instance, CCJ students engage in community-based learning through a required internship working with an agency of their choice. Students acquire criminal justice experience and make connections between their academic experiences and the criminal justice profession. All students are invited to join the Criminology Club and participate in club-sponsored activities and events. There is also a Facebook page dedicated to the Crim Club at The Crim Club Facebook Page. Simulation training events like the Lock-in, and Mock Assessment Center (interview training), provide occasions for students to apply what they have learned in their classes and prepare them for careers after graduation. Guest speakers, end of term potlucks and tours of Pelican Bay maximum security penitentiary create a social environment for CCJ students to develop relationships with CCJ students and faculty members as well as strengthen the academic program. The National Criminal Justice Honor Society known as Alpha Phi Sigma, allows some of our top CCJ students to be recognized at a national level.