This criminal justice program, one of the oldest in the nation, provides a learning environment of superior education in the finest tradition of small public liberal arts colleges. The faculty is an optimum blend of scholars with broad practical experience and diverse academic credentials from different disciplines who support and practice the concept of individual personal attention for each one of our majors; the faculty regularly knows students by their first name.


Graduates of the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice at SOU frequently go to work immediately after graduation; many find careers in the same agency where they completed their student internship. Most graduates are employed at municipal, county, state, and federal levels of government throughout the United States but mostly in the Pacific-Northwest serving in positions such as probation officers, parole officers, police officers, law enforcement personnel, juvenile workers, private security, correctional institutions, and human services.

Many students ultimately go on to graduate school (including law school). The faculty and the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice remain committed to excellence in preparing people to meet the unprecedented challenges facing criminal justice and criminology graduates.

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