Criminology & Criminal Justice (CCJ) offers a broad mix of theoretical and applied courses that prepares students for academic, professional, and personal success in the context of a strong liberal arts education. CCJ challenges, motivates, and inspires students to think critically, contribute professionally, and be engaged civically. CCJ supports students interests, recognizes obstacles students encounter in their education, and assists students to overcome these where appropriate (through advising, referrals, etc). CCJ encourages and supports participation in campus-wide programs that will benefit students individually and collectively (such as the general education curriculum, accelerated degree programs, Success at Southern, honors programs, and Lock-in). Students participate in off-campus communities through internships, practica, and capstone projects.


Criminology & Criminal Justice (CCJ) recognizes academic freedom, supports the professional and civic undertaking of its faculty, and promotes professionalism, (including scholarship, respect of our diversity of interests, and collegiality) within the Department, University, and community. CCJ attempts to capitalize on individual strengths and academic interests toward the goal of maintaining a balanced, healthy department.

University and Community

Criminology & Criminal Justice (CCJ) is integral to the well-being of SOU through collaboration with other departments and sectors of the University and to the local community, state, and region through our partnerships with criminal justice agencies and community colleges. CCJ is committed to extending our teaching to an ever-expanding audience through distance education and through our student and faculty civic engagements in their respective communities.


Faculty recognize the proud history of the Department and embrace the opportunity to contribute their strengths to the evolving character of Criminology & Criminal Justice (CCJ) at every level through service to the Department, University, and community. CCJ remains an integral part of the collegial body of the University and continues to offer a regionally-and state-recognized program. CCJ is expanding distance education opportunities, and aspires to national recognition. CCJ is able to foster a healthy learning environment by bringing a more sensitive balance to class size, structure, and innovative methods of teaching. The Department's curriculum supports a single major with the opportunity for students to emphasize law enforcement, corrections, law, or forensics in an interdisciplinary context. Faculty emphasis on student success is strong through active support for Alpha Phi Sigma, the Criminology & Criminal Justice club, Honors, Accelerated Baccalaureate, and other University programs.

Relationships with criminal justice agencies will continue to prosper and consultation efforts will flourish. Articulation agreements with community colleges (especially Rogue Community College) offer a clear and rewarding path that enables more students to complete the four-year experience at the University. As CCJ continues to grow, relationships between faculty and students will remain strong, endorsing the small University experience.


The Criminology and Criminal Justice Department values student success, excellence in faculty performance, and highest ethical standards.


The Department of Criminology & Criminal Justice has four major objectives:

  • Prepare students for successful service in the criminal justice system at local, state, and federal levels
  • Provide general education experiences for all students with an interest in the criminal justice system
  • Provide service to organizations and agencies in the criminal justice system
  • Contribute to the field through academic and applied research