Welcome to SOU's Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice (CCJ). We offer a comprehensive, high quality academic program that prepares students for interesting, rewarding, and successful careers in the area of criminal justice.

People graduating with a Bachelor's degree in CCJ have many excellent options. Here are some examples:

Graduate School: Many of our graduates choose to continue their educations at the graduate level. Some aspire to teach in criminal justice related fields at the college and university level. Others complete their graduate educations and work in areas of government and institutional research. More recently, SOU graduates are being sought to work in the growing field of anti-terrorism intelligence analysis and crime analysis at local, state, or federal levels.


College professor

Police psychologist

Crime victim counselor

Psychological profiler

Government researcher

Intelligence Officer (CIA, DIA, NSA, FBI)


Law School: Future lawyers have benefited from the SOU Criminology and Criminal Justice major. People choosing to continue with law school after graduation find themselves exceptionally well prepared for the rigors of studying the law. We provide a much appreciated foundation of well developed writing excellence, on point coursework, and exposure to the realities of the criminal justice system.


Deputy District Attorney

Public Defender

Poverty Rights Center Lawyer

Immigration Lawyer

Corporate security litigator

Law Enforcement: Many successful police officers, deputy sheriffs, state troopers, and federal agents have graduated from SOU's highly respected CCJ program. We offer a unique and effective blend of comprehensive academic study with real-world opportunities to apply what is being learned. We have long standing partnerships with many law enforcement and community service agencies that provide for internship and part-time employment opportunities. Additionally, our nationally recognized skills development events such as "Lock-In" and "CSI Day" bring working professionals to our campus for all day skills demonstrations and hands on practice.


Police Patrol officer

SWAT Team member

State Trooper

Deputy Sheriff


Motorcycle Officer

School Resource Officer

Police Academy Trainer


Parole and Probation: Our major provides a key to employment as an adult or juvenile probation or parole officer. Some SOU graduates work in youth shelters or community non-profit agencies as detention or shelter staff or as youth counselors. Others serve in state post-prison parole officer capacities while yet others are community-based probation officers making differences in people's lives every day.


Youth correctional counselor

Post-prison parole officer

Youth services crisis interventionist

County probation officer

Community non-profit agencies

Corrections: The need for educated and well prepared correctional staff is growing in the United States. SOU grads are in demand as career correctional officers and staff counselors in correctional facilities ranging from rural county correctional centers to state and federal prisons. We offer rare learning opportunities such as full day on-site visits to maximum security prisons including California's Pelican Bay State Prison or to Oregon correctional facilities.


Maximum security prison correctional officer

County Jail Deputy Sheriff

Prison Gang Investigations Unit

Prison SERT (Special Emergency Response Team)

United States Bureau of Prisons

U.S. Marshall's Service