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The Criminology Club's annual Lock-In is a fun-filled learning experience that brings together criminal justice agencies such as the Ashland Police Department, the Medford Police Department, the Oregon State Police, the DEA, the Sheriff's Office, the District Attorney's Office, and SOU students for several hours of hands-on, interactive training.  These learning activities include:


Shoot Don't Shoot
Traffic Stops
Active Shooter
Defensive Tactics
Street/Ground Fighting
Drug Dog
Cell Extraction/Jail Management


Shoot Don't Shoot: MILO system

The Range 3000 Simulator (police training device) consists of a computer LCD projector, multiple cameras, speakers and a floor-to-ceiling drop screen. The simulator portrays real-life scenarios that involve all regulation weapons and equipment, but instead of real ammunition, all equipment uses laser lights, which are necessary to interact with the simulator screen. The scenario can be altered as the student interacts. 


Traffic Stops

When a police officer stops a vehicle, the plate number is given to dispatch. The officer then must follow proper procedures during the vehicle stop process.


Active Shooter

School shootings have forced new policy in handling situations with an active shooter (person shooting or capable of shooting). How are these calls handled and when SWAT is called in, what is their role? Students gear up to an enactment of such a call.


Defensive Tactics

Understanding how to be safe when apprehending a criminal is not an easy task. Students not only learn how to apply handcuffs in this scenario but also how to work with individuals who will not comply with police officer commands.


Street/Ground Fighting

What happens if a criminal takes my weapon? How do I use my body weight and the laws of physics to best give me advantages with the criminal is bigger than me? These questions and more are answered as students learn how to fight back when in tough scenarios on the streets.


K9 Drug Enforcement

Drug Recognition, understanding how and when a drug dog can be used in the field, how do you search a vehicle with a dog? All these things and more are revealed during this live simulation event.


Cell Extraction/Jail Management

Correctional Officers work in an environment without guns. They often are in a position where they need to move or gain control of an inmate who is in a cell and/or will not comply with an officer's commands. How do correctional officers deal with this type of scenario? Working in a close proximity with an inmate who might have a shank or is gassing you (throwing feces or bodily fluids at someone) is not an easy task.


How it works:

Participants pick 3 stations, and rotate throughout the Lock-In event.The Lock-In includes a lunch and lots of person-to-person networking and camaraderie.

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