What kind of workforce training does your office need? How will you ready yourself for the next professional challenge? SOU provides both you and your staff with opportunities for professional development. Many university classes are available to community members to attend as “non-degree seeking students”. Beyond our degree programs, we offer classes and short workshops with an emphasis on practical application and immediate effectiveness. Click on the header for more information:

  • Business Start-up and Development
    For entrepreneurs who are thinking about starting a business or for those existing businesses that are looking to develop and prosper, these workshops and classes will provide essential education and training. Choose from classroom formats or online learning, all of which are taught by experienced business professionals.
  • Computer Skills
    These classes are well organized and entertaining! They are "hands on", with great hand-outs to remind you of the skills you've learned. You'll be amazed at how much you can learn in each of these feature packed sessions.
  • Professional Development for Business Leaders
    For business leaders with a desire to expland their knowledge, these 3 to 6 hour workshops offer immediately applicable new skills along with the opportunity to network with other professionals from across the region.
  • Innovation and Leadership Degree Completion Program
    For working professionals with some previous college experience and at least five years of work experience beyond entry level. Coursework reflects the realities of leadership in today's workplace.
  • Professional Development for Teachers
    Keep your license current with classes from the SOU School of Education! No need to be admitted to a degree program to take advantage of your local university.
  • Online classes
    Take advantage of the total flexibility of attending class from your own computer desk.
  • Workshops For Your Staff
    Looking for high quality training that produces real results? Two- or three-hour workshops taught by SOU faculty can give your staff the working skills to make you more efficient and effective.

Because our professional development programs are focused on serving the southern Oregon / northern California region, we are always interested in designing new courses to meet your professional and organizational needs. Please let us know how SOU can best meet your workforce development needs. Call 541-552-8150 or email professional@sou.edu for more information.

For more continuing education programs, visit the web pages of our sister institutions – Oregon State University and Rogue Community College.