From marketing to human resources, business communications to risk management, SOU faculty can provide a straight-forward, useful framework for your staff to better understand and manage the fundamentals that underlie their day-to-day work.

Sample workshops include:

  • Optimizing Group Work: Have you felt frustrated by the number of ineffective meetings creeping onto your schedule? By apparent agreement on a goal dissolving into a lack of real commitment to the task? Learn more about group dynamics and communication and the way process supports or undermines content. 
  • Five Accounting Ideas To Save You Money: Especially for those who have had to learn on the job, this workshop helps you see beyond "the way we've always done things" to grasp new ideas and processes. Easy to implement ways to cut costs and boost profits right now - you can't afford to wait!
  • Effective Web-based Market Research: Learn to use the power of a simple internet connection to gather reliable market research. Real data will help you target the best new business development opportunities. No more guesswork - you will have thoughtfully developed and tested data to base your decisions on.
  • What Small Business Owners Can Learn From The Fortune 100: Use case studies to explore how the most successful businesses have faced the same challenges as you, and used them as a stepping stone to greater success. Analyze recurring trends in these stories of success, and discuss how to apply the same strategies in your organization.
  • Principles of Leadership: Freshen up your leadership team with this dynamic, insightful examination of perspectives on leadership. Start with a quick overview of recurring themes in today's hot leadership books, then drill down to a close look at your potential. Chart steps from potential to reality, and make a plan to move forward with leadership in your own life.
  • Risk Management Today: Theoretical analysis joins up with industry experience to bring you a fast-paced look at the most significant things you can do to limit your liability as a business. Learn from the mistakes of others! Reduce your exposure, insurance costs, and the amount of time your business spends on dealing with problems.

The workshops can be held on SOU's Ashland or Medford campus, or at the employer's site. They can be from 1-3 hours (depending on the employer's preference) and will be focused on practical, immediately applicable skill development. The SOU faculty teaching these workshops will adapt the most useful nuggets from current research and teaching for concrete application to today's workforce problems.