Student meeting with coach

Looking for more details on what the University Coaching & Academic Mentoring program provides? This is the place. Southern Oregon University is an inclusive learning environment that provides opportunities for creative, connected learning. UCAM at SOU provides comprehensive support for students with executive function challenges (such as organization, planning, follow-through, and prioritization), learning disabilities, or ADD.

Start Out Right


UCAM students meet with an academic coach for a pre-advising and intake session prior to registration.


Incoming first-year UCAM students arrive a day prior to SOU's student orientation session for Fall term. Get a head start by moving into the residence halls, purchasing books, and becoming familiar with the SOU campus.

Our pre-session experience covers the transition to college life, academic success strategies, effective use of campus resources, and, as appropriate, an introduction to the accommodation process and assistive technology at SOU.

We strongly encourage all incoming UCAM students to participate.

Keep On Track

Term Success Plan

Students set quarterly individualized goals and create a Term Success Plan (TSP). Weekly sessions with your Academic Coach help you check your progress and implement new strategies.

Academic Coaching

You will meet weekly with an Academic Coach. One-on-one sessions cover short and long-term goal setting, TSP progress checks, problem solving, and self-evaluation. The coach suggests skills and strategies specific to your individual needs. If needed, the Academic Coach will also refer you to other campus and community resources.

We now offer a two-tiered program:
Tier 1 is the standard session with one hour of coaching per week.
Tier 2 offers an additional hour of coaching each week (additional fees apply).

Mid-Term Progress Checks

Don't wait until the end of the term to know how you're doing! With your Academic Coach, create mid-term progress checks that help you determine what is working - and not working - for you while you still have time to make corrections if you need to do so.

Learn New Skills and Strategies

Supplemental Instruction in Writing

Many students need additional support in learning college-level writing skills. As a part of UCAM, you'll have weekly access to a writing coach and software to help you. The writing coach is a professional, not a peer. 

Skill Development Opportunities

UCAM offers several skill development opportunities each term. These include face-to-face workshops, specialized online resources, and supported study times. Topics may include stress management and anxiety, time management, organization, research, note-taking strategies, and sleep and wellness. UCAM supports you as a whole student! Check out this term's workshops  to see what's going on now.