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Disability Resources

Disability Resources  (DR) at Southern Oregon University provides academic accommodations for students with documented disabilities and acts as a resource to all of SOU in creating an inclusive and accessible learning environment. DR is available without charge to all qualified SOU students. 


University Coaching & Academic Mentoring (UCAM) is a comprehensive program that is designed to support students with executive function challenges and learning differences. It is in addition to a student's disability accommodations if those are appropriate for the student.

UCAM provides weekly coaching sessions, courses in learning strategies, mid-term progress reports, and specific coaching in writing.

A separate application to the program is required. There is an additional program fee for participation in UCAM.

What if I don't have a documented disability? Can I still participate in UCAM?

Yes! We know that many students, for a wide variety of reasons, often struggle with learning how to plan, prioritize, and complete their academic tasks.

UCAM coaches are experienced and creative guides who can help you identify problem areas and implement solutions, and encourage and support you along the way.