The Community Preschool at SOU

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Information regarding enrollment for 2023-2024 

On April 1, 2023 we will open the enrollment to our current wait list. By mid-April enrollment will then be opened to the community. You may place your child on the waitlist at anytime. 

Please email us with your child's name, birthdate and a good contact phone number. We would be delighted to provide a tour as well. 

Fees for school year 2023-2024

Registration fee: $130.00

Monthly Tuition:

Tuesday/Thursday: $324.00

Monday/Wednesday/Friday: $486.00

Monday through Thursday: $648.00

5 Days per week: $810.00

Our day begins at 8:30 AM and ends at 1:30 PM

Chidlren bring a nutritious snack and lunch, labelled water bottle and change of clothing

More information will be available in the upcoming weeks. You may look at the current handbook to get a feel for the program. There will be additions for the next school year. 

The first few weeks of Septmeber will be a 'soft start' meaning children will not be attending the five hour days. this plan inigrates children slowly into a new routine, new surroundings and new peers and adults. Even our return children benefit. Keep checking back for updates.  

Please email if you have quesitons: