The Community Preschool at SOU

Chalk2All learning is based on experience and relationships. The brain relies on the whole body to provide information through interactions with others with different life experiences, with well chosen materials to explore and real life events that encourage creativity and problem solving. 

Not enough can be said about play in the early years, even through the life span.Young children are especially wired to move and explore, to touch, run, yell and wonder. Simply, play in all its many forms-and there are many-provide needed opportunities to build a fully functioning, dynamic human being. Children are naturally inclined to play at the skills they see adults use everyday in addition to intently pursuing their own curiosity and interests. Ours is the responsibility to provide the large blocks of time, materials and support needed for such explorations. In all of this activity we expect children to get dirty, very dirty. We ask parents and loved ones to recall their own childhood play experiences and in spite of bumps, bruises and things you may never tell your own parents, you arrived at the doors of adulthood.   

The Community Preschool at SOU is in session Monday through Friday, from 8:30 am to 1:30 pm. Families receive a school-year calendar and updates. 

The daily plan incorporates a variety of experiences for large and small groups, and individual pursuits. The day is balanced between teacher-initiated and child-initiated activities. The curricular day will include a combination of the following. 

  • Open ended art: (painting, drawing, cutting, gluing, molding with various clays and dough)
  • Exploring water or other sensory materials
  • Pretending, which elevates children's social experiences, language, creative thinking, acceptance and problem solving
  • Block building and other construction which build awareness how space can be used and how ideas take on physical form.
  • Cooking (cutting, spreading, mixing, health and nutrition)
  • Music/Movement: All language has its own rhythme and beat. Clapping, tapping, spinning, foot banging are essential for young children. Our balance centers and muscles are strengthened when we explore the relationship between our arms, legs and other body parts in coordination to the whole body. 
  • Outdoor: The most primary of needs for young children. We do not want this generation to become detached to the outdoors and what it provides. 
  • Story in all its facets; oral story telling, telling your own story, singing stories, shadow stories, picture books. 

Gathering Times

Our gathering times focus on sharing ideas, wish well those who could not attend, discuss the days events-the good, the bad and the ugly-problem solve when necessary, sing, dance, and enjoy stories and one another as a community. 

Due to COVID, adjustments have been made to ensure safe interactions, stable groups, and santizing practices, yet hold onto the child's heart and well-being. We are committed to provide a vibrant experience for your child amid this challenging time. 

For a more comprehensive daily schedule follow this link:

Daily Routine