The Community Preschool at SOU provides a play-based environment where experiential learning is encouraged. Our play-based curriculum bridges theory into practice and is guided by our professional staff through careful observation and planning based on children’s strengths, interests and needs. We know that learning takes place through relationships and an internal drive to explore which is essential for learning. We support the cycle of learning which begins with awareness and moves through a natural process achieving mastery over time. The environment is arranged with meaningful and relevant selections that support self-initiation and choice making. We highly regard children’s natural awe and wonder, curiosity, and drive to learn. We value the child’s individual process and timeline. Children are encouraged to appreciate their own and other’s abilities and ideas, to try new experiences; all the while their own intellectual, social, emotional, and imaginative competencies are nurtured daily.

As a teaching community here at the University, our objective is to model best practices in early childhood education for children, parents, and University students in a welcoming and thoughtful preschool community.



Your child’s safety is of the utmost importance to us and we have fairly strict rules to ensure this safety.

• We must have a current list of those persons allowed to pick up your child. If there is anyone not allowed to have contact with your child please add this information to the enrollment form. 
• We will not relinquish your child to someone whose name is not on the list. A personal note from the parent is required if exceptions are necessary. A phone call is acceptable only in emergency situations.If you will be traveling for any extended periods of time and leaving your child in the care of others we will need this information as this will now be your child's temporary and authorized care givers. 
• We will keep you informed as COVID restrictions lift in some areas and to various degrees.

Please communicate any changes to the staff so we may ensure that everyone is on the same page. 

Snacks and Lunch

Each child will bring a nutritious snack and lunch from home. Please label the foods and show them to your child so they know which is for snack and which for lunch. We will provide water. We will not have the ability to leave the children to warm up a lunch. There will be more details in the fianl packet provided in August.

School Attire

We wouldn't wear formal attire to do yard work or clean house. Play, when done right is messy, very messy. Children should not be burdened with the worry of ruined clothing. Although we do provide paint shirts and aprons, we cannot totally protect clothing from dirt and stains. There are those children who do not want to wear these. In addition, we do not want to make clothing more important than what the child does or who the child is.

Also, please send an extra set of clothing (tops, bottoms, underwear, and socks) with your child to be kept at school. This can be stored in a shoe box or plastic bag labeled with your child's first and last name.

We go outdoors nearly each day. Even during misty, cooler weather. Please send the appropriate clothing for anticipated weather changes including water proof footwear. 

Open toed shoes and sandals is not recommended. 

Drop Off/Pick Up

Children may be dropped off and picked up at the classroom door. You may leave your car in the semi-circle area in front of the building long enough to drop off or pick up your child. Please do not stand or visit as others may be needing access to that area. 


 For longer stays, you may purchase a temporary parking permit from the Administrative Services office in Britt Hall or park on the streets around the University.