The Community Preschool at SOU



Your child’s safety is of the utmost importance to us and we have fairly strict rules to ensure this safety.

• We must have a current list of those persons allowed to pick up your child.
• We are not able to let your child leave with someone whose name is not on the list. A personal note from the parent is required if exceptions are necessary. A phone call is acceptable only in emergency situations.
• We ask that adults come into the classroom when bringing or picking up their children from school. This helps   
eliminate confusion, accidents, and misunderstandings.


We ask that each family help with providing snacks for the children. Sometimes we will need items for cooking projects that the children will each for snack. Nutritious snacks that allow child participation (cutting, spreading and mixing) will be part of our daily routine. You will receive more details on snack at the beginning of the year. Children bring lunch from home.

School Attire

We prefer that children wear "play" clothes. Creating, exploring and learning are often messy processes. Children should not be burdened with the worry of ruined clothing. Although we do provide paint shirts and aprons, we cannot totally protect clothing from dirt and stains. Also, please send an extra set of clothing (tops, bottoms, underwear, and socks) with your child to be kept at school. This can be stored in a shoe box or large plastic bag labeled with your child's first and last name.


When bringing or picking up children, adults may park for 10 minutes in the green zone at the Mountain Ave entrance. For longer stays, you may purchase a temporary parking permit from the Administrative Services office in Britt Hall or park on the streets around the University.


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