Braxton and Nicole Mehl
Braxton and Nicole Mehl
B.S. Biochemistry 2008
PharmD 2011
Pacific University Oregon School of Pharmacy 

“The SOU chemistry department prepared us with a quality education that we did not truly appreciate until we entered the Pacific University School of Pharmacy. Fellow pharmacy students did not have the hands-on experience with instrumentation, which we felt was absolutely essential in our undergraduate education. Other pharmacy students also did not receive the one-on-one attention provided by the SOU chemistry faculty, which greatly enhanced our confidence in course material and also prepared us for the next step in our education. Our current success in our pharmacy program is a direct consequence of our quality education provided by the SOU chemistry department.”

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Fall 2023 Chemistry Courses
  • CH 195 Chemical Problem Solving I (Dr. Tylinski and Dr. Oliveri)
  • CH 221 General Chemistry I (Dr.Oliveri)
  • CH 227  General Chemistry Laboratory I (Dr. David, Dr. Birks and Dr. Springer)
  • CH 227R General Chemistry Lab Recitation (Dr. Oliveri)
  • CH 300  Forensic Investigation (Dr. David)
  • CH 314 Chemical Research Comm I (Dr. Tylinski)
  • CH 327 Peer Leaders General Chemistry Laboratory I (Dr. Birks)
  • CH 334 Organic Chemistry I (Dr. Springer)
  • CH 337 Introduction to Organic Chemistry Laboratory (Dr. Schepmann and Dr. Springer)
  • CH 337R  Introduction to Organic Chemistry Lab Recitation (Dr. Schepmann) 
  • CH 344 Organic Chemistry Workshop I (Dr. Springer)
  • CH 375 Computational Methods (Dr. Tylinski) 
  • CH 421 Analytical Chemistry (Dr. Birks)
  • CH 422/422R  Analytical Chemistry Lab/Recitation (Dr. Birks)
  • CH 434 Organic Chemistry Workshop Mentor I (Dr. Springer)
  • CH 441 Physical Chemistry I (Dr. Tylinski)
  • CH 451 Biochemistry l  (Dr. David)
  • CH 497 Senior Project l (All Instructors)