Professor of Chemistry
Science 287
1250 Siskiyou Blvd. 
Ashland, OR 97520
Office Phone: (541) 552-8172 
Fax:(541) 552-6415


Education and Experience


B.S. Chemistry, Summa Cum Laude, 1993 University of Texas at Austin
M.S. Organic Chemistry, 1995 University of California at Berkeley
Ph.D, Bioorganic Chemistry, 2001, Rice University
Visiting Instructor, Spring 2000 Cornell College
Visiting Instructor, Fall 2000 University of Texas at Austin
Assistant Professor of Chemistry, 2001-2005 Southern Oregon University
Associate Professor of Chemistry, 2005-2013 Southern Oregon University
Professor of Chemistry, 2013-present Southern Oregon University

Teaching Areas

Organic Chemistry

Organic Spectroscopy


Chemical Communication


Research Interests

Isolation and Characterization of Secondary Metabolites from Mahonia aquifolium

Development and Implementation of 2D NMR Experiments for the Organic Laboratory

Development and Implementation of Guided-Inquiry Organic Chemistry Experiments

Development and Implementation of Interactive Guided-Inquiry Recitations for Organic Chemistry Experiments

Development and Implementation of Professional Development Workshops for Science Majors


Publications and Patents


"Ring-Closing Metathesis: An Advanced Guided-Inquiry Experiment for the Organic Laboratory," Schepmann, H.G.; Mynderse, M. J. Chem. Ed., 2010, 87, 7, 721-723.


"Chemical Research Writing: A Preparatory Course for Student Capstone Research," Schepmann, H.G.; Hughes, L.A. J. Chem. Ed., 2006, 83, 7, 1024-1028.


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"Cloning, Characterization, and Molecular Manipulation of Plant Terpene Synthases,"  Schepmann, H.G.  Ph.D. Thesis, Rice University, 2001.


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"Steric Bulk at Cycloartenol Synthase Position 481 Influences Cyclization and Deprotonation"  Matsuda, S.P.T.; Darr, L.B.; Hart, E.A.; Herrera, J.B.R.; McCann, K.E.; Meyer, M.M.; Pang, J.; Schepmann, H.G.  Org.Lett.2000, 2, 2261-2263.


"Facile Transmetalation Reactions of Macrocyclic (C22H22N4) Complexes of Germanium (II), Tin(II), and Lead(II)"  Cowley, A.H.; Atwood, J.L.; Atwood, D.O.; Atwood, V.O.; Gobran, H.R.  Inorg.Chem.1993, 32, 4671-4672.


"Oxidative Addition Reactions and Reverse Ylide Formation Involving Macrocyclic (TMTAA, C22H22N4) Complexes of Germanium(II) and Tin(II)"  Cowley, A.H.; Atwood, D.O.; Atwood, V.O.; Gobran, H.R.  Polyhedron  1993, 12, 2073-2074.


"Dimeric Gallium and Indium Dialkylphosphido Complexes with Unusual Group 13-15 Stoichiometries"  Cowley, A.H.; Jones, R.A.; Atwood, D.O.; Atwood, V.O.; Gobran, H.R.; Smeal, T.M.; Carrano, C.J.  Organometallics1993, 12, 3517-3521.



Professional Organizations and Affiliations

American Chemical Society
Iota Sigma Pi National Honor Society for Women in Chemistry
American Society of Pharmacognosy: Member, 2010-present
Committee on the Advancement of Women Chemists 
University of Texas at Austin Friar Honor Society