Deidre Krupp
Deidre Krupp
 B.S. Biochemistry (ACS Certified), 2009
 Graduate Student
 Molecular Genetics and Microbiology Program
 Duke University Medical School



"The instrumental experience and research opportunities I had at SOU were absolutely key in my applications to graduate school, and having that experience meant I was able to walk right into my graduate lab and immediately follow the work going on.   The coursework has been equally relevant to my graduate studies: reaction kinetics, molecular interactions and affinities, interpreting spectra, determining statistical significance – the need for that knowledge doesn't just vanish when you have a diploma in hand.  The SOU chemistry department admirably prepared me for the work and environment I'm in now.”



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Chemistry Degree Programs, Curricula, and Advising

The SOU chemistry department offers American Chemical Society-approved programs in chemistry and biochemistry, as well as a B.S. program in forensic chemistry. The department also offers a B.A. degree in chemistry which is tailored to meet the needs of students interested in attending medical school upon completion of undergraduate degree requirements