Michael Dirks
B.S. Biochemistry (ACS Certified) 2014Michael Dirks
 Medical Student
 Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine
Lake Erie, PA

“They say med school is like drinking from a fire hydrant, but thankfully, I was taught by the best on how to drink the water. More than the organic mechanisms, the biochemistry of metabolism, the pages of thermodynamic proofs, or the stacks of lab reports, I learned life skills. I learned organization, time management, professionalism, efficiency, how to communicate, and above all else, I learned how to be independent. The education at SOU and the Chemistry department has not only allowed me to survive in an extremely tough environment but to thrive and succeed .”

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Pre-Medicine through Chemistry at Southern Oregon University

Many students enter college with the expectation that they one day will become doctors. An aspiring medical student should decide on an undergraduate college or university based on the quality of pre-professional training that the school offers. This page will aid students in the decision making process related to a career in medicine either at SOU or another university.

Just because a student is interested in a career in medicine does not mean the decision making process is complete. Medicine is a broad field with numerous possibilities. A physician may choose general practice, medical research, or public health policy. A physician may specialize in rural medicine, forensic pathology, surgery, or obstetrics just to name a few.

The following are questions frequently asked by pre-medicine students at SOU: