Assistant Professor of ChemistrySpringer 2022

Office: Science 270



Educational Background

B.A. Philosophy and Sociology (2005) University of Nevada, Reno

B.S. Biology (2008) University of Nevada, Reno

B.S. Chemistry (2009) University of Nevada, Reno

Ph.D. Chemistry and Materials Science (2014) University of Colorado, Boulder


Professional Experience

Lead Graduate Teacher, Graduate Teacher Program (CIRTL) (2012-13), University of Colorado, Boulder

Assistant Professor  of Chemistry (2014-15) College of the Sequoias

Assistant Professor of Chemistry (2015-2018) Southwestern Oregon Community College

Associate Professor of Chemistry (2018-2022) Southwestern Oregon Community College

STEM Division Chair (2020-2022) Southwestern Oregon Community College


Teaching Areas

Organic Chemistry


Research Interests

The synthesis and characterization of novel organic materials for energy, electronics, and space applications.

Affiliate representative of SOU for the Oregon Space Grant Consortium, a program operated by NASA. 



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