Professor of Chemistry

Science 266

1250 Siskiyou Blvd.

Ashland, OR 97520

(541) 552-6406




B.S. Chemistry with honors (1981) University of Hawaii at Manoa

Ph.D. Organic Chemistry (1987) Colorado State University



Universal Energy Systems Summer Research Fellow, Astronautics Laboratory, Edwards AFB, (1990)

Sabbatical at U.S. Fish and Wildlife Forensics Laboratory, Ashland OR (2002-2003)

Joined SOU Chemistry department in 1987


Teaching Areas: 

Organic Chemistry (Ch334/5/6) with Laboratory (Ch337/8)

Organic Spectroscopy (Ch 340)


Scholarly Interests:

                MALDI-TOF analysis of hemoglobins for species identification

                Applications of Peer Led Team Learning, Guided Inquiry in the Classroom




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"A New GC-MS for Chemistry", McDougal, O.M.; Kirms, L.M., $74,000 funded by Agilent Technologies, 2003.


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"FT-NMR for Improved Undergraduate Research and Instruction", L.M. Kirms, $71,000 funded by the National Science Foundation, 1989.