Designed for:

  • K-12 Teachers & Administrators
  • Health Educators
  • Community College Instructors
  • Education Managers
  • Organizational Leaders
  • Preschool Teachers & Directors
  • Professionals in any field who want to increase their skills
  • YOU!

The Master's Degree in Education provides learners with strong graduate-level courses of study related to various fields of education by fostering scholarship, instructional excellence, cross-cultural sensitivity, and professional leadership. Key to the program is an emphasis on educational leadership within the school, the workplace, and the broader community. The program is open to both licensed teachers and to working professionals outside the public school setting.

The Master's in Education program requires a minimum of 45 credits of graduate study. The program may be completed on either a full-time or part-time basis. Courses are offered online and in face-to-face venues in Ashland and Medford.

Graduates of the program will be able to:

  1. Explore and translate learning theory, creative curricular design and 21st century skills into instructional decisions and practices to address the educational challenges and opportunities of today and tomorrow.
  2. Apply research and assessment to evaluate and validate instructional and programmatic choices and organizational and educational policies.
  3. Analyze and integrate educational research, theories, philosophies and contemporary issues into educational practice.
  4. Demonstrate and apply frameworks associated with cultural enrichment and humility that mitigate the power imbalance between the professional and client/student from differing cultures and abilities.
  5. Demonstrate dimensions of leadership, ethical decision making and purposeful engagement within the profession.

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