Pedestrian Bridge in France

Become a Global Citizen!    

You don't need to be a language major to devolop language fluency and cultural competence that will make you marketable in a global environment. Students in any major can integrate their language studies into their major program to create new opportunities. For example, political science majors with French proficiency can study at the prestigious Institut d'Etudes Politiques in Lyon through our exchange program, gaining new perspectives on world politics, or with advanced Spanish proficiency, they can complete an international internship at the city hall in Rosario, Argentina, learning first hand how government works in that country.

Read this recent article  to find more on why everyone should study a foreign language!

Our global society needs people with language proficiency, cultural understanding, and international experience. The variety of languages in our program will prepare students to live and work in a global enviornment. Come join us in exploring the world!

American Sign Language

American Sign Language is not just a language; it is a physical and visual form of communication. Our ASL instructors are well connected to the deaf community, and provide cultural insights into this community as well as immersion-based instruction in ASL. Students can meet the B.A. language requiement by taking two yeas of ASL.


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