Picture of a street view of town in MexicoSpanish is not just the native tongue of most of our neighbors to the south, it is the native language of many of our fellow Americans. In fact, the United States is now the world's second-largest Spanish speaking country.

You can major in Spanish Language and Culture and earn one or more of our certificates in Spanish & Latinx Studies, Spanish for Healthcare, and  Spanish for Educators. Our major includes a balance of language, culture and literature courses, with opportunities to work in the local Spanish speaking community or do an international internship in a Spanish speaking country. Study and internship opportunities in Spain and throughout Latin America will help you improve your language skills and prepare you to work in a variety of fields where Spanish speakers are increasingly needed.

Mission Statement:

The Spanish Language and Culture major combines communicative language learning, the analytical study of culture, literature, and linguistics and the practical applications of the language through community-based work experiences and internships.  Spanish majors develop advanced language proficiency, cultural understanding, and analytical and critical thinking skills necessary to work and succeed in a global environment. Specifically, students who major in Spanish will be able to:

  • Describe diverse cultures, literatures and artistic works in the Spanish speaking countries studied, including how past events have influenced contemporary society.  
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the fundamental grammatical and linguistic features of Spanish.
  • Place at or above Intermediate High as described by the ACTFL speaking and writing benchmarks at graduation.
  • Successfully develop and present college-level research in Spanish, using information resources effectively and ethically.    
  • Incorporate a variety of cultural and/or intellectual perspectives in their work.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to community service through practical application of Spanish knowledge and skills in local or international internships.

American Sign Language

students signing "I love you"

American Sign Language is not just a language; it is a physical and visual form of communication. In contrast to the other languages that we offer, ASL is a domestic language; there are signers right here in our own backyard, and a multitude of opportunities to connect with deaf culture in Southern Oregon. Our ASL instructors are well connected to the deaf community and provide cultural insights as well as immersion-based instruction in ASL. Students can meet the B.A. language requirement by taking two years of ASL.



Dr. Anne Connor, Program Chair
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