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The Dr. Daniel Morris Language Center provides a comfortable environment where you can pursue your language studies outside of class. Join one of our conversation groups, come for tutoring in the language you are studying, come to study on your own, or hang out with other language students and tutors from around the world. The Language Center, located in Central Hall 270 (upstairs), has computers, conversation tables, and a variety of print and media resources to enhance language study. 

Language Center hours*

Monday - Thursday, 12:00 - 5:00

DMLC couch, tables and computers

* The Language Center is not open the first week of term, during finals week, or over the summer.


Tutoring Schedule


Tutoring Services

Tutoring Services

The Language Center is open to all students currently enrolled in Foreign Language courses at SOU. Tutoring is available on a drop-in basis for students enrolled in 100 and 200 level courses. Higher level language students can make tutoring arrangements through their language professor.

Foreign Language Placement and Credit Buy Back

Foreign Language Placement

Who needs to take it?

Students who are interested in taking Spanish or French or German AND have studied/or are proficient in Spanish, French or German.  At this time, Japanese and ASL courses do not require a placement test. Students completing a BA degree are required to have two years of a foreign language.  Foreign language study will enhance any major and open doors to study abroad, international internships and employment.

When should I take the test?

Sometime before you sign up for your first language class at SOU.  New students for fall term should take the placement test prior to coming to Raider Registration during the summer.

Can I buy back credit for language courses below my placement?

If you earn a B or better in the course you placed into, you can apply to buy credit ($100 per course*) from the language department within one term of finishing the language course.  For example, if you place into and pass Spanish 202 with a B or better and go to the language department within a term, you can pay to have Spanish 101, 102, 103, 201 transcripted for a total of $400 for 16 credits.

Applications and more information are availabe in the offices of the Division of Humanities and Culture, Central Hall 261.

The application will be denied if a student: a) previously received credit for the course at this or another university, b) challeneged the course and received an NP; or c) completed courses at a higher level of competency.

*Course cost is subject to change.

When and where is testing offered?

Foreign language testing is available online. You can take it any time, anywhere, if you have a computer and internet connection. The test generally takes about 30-40 minutes and does not include an oral component.  NOTE: This is a free service to all SOU students.

 Log on to:


Enter Password: raiders1

Placement scores are good for one year.  If you feel you did not place into the level you thought you should you can go to the Foreign Language Department in Central Hall and ask for an oral assessment.

If you experience difficulty, please contact Barbara Henson at 541-552-6182 or email her at hensonb@sou.edu.

Computers are available in the Foreign Language Center for students to take the placement exam.

The placement exam does NOT demonstrate proficiencey. It CANNOT be used to replace the admissions or BA language requirement. Students must complete a course or courses.