The Program in Foreign Languages and Literatures ensures students develop the competencies, skills, attributes, knowledge, and values required for success in a rapidly changing and increasingly interconnected world. Department curricula combine communicative language learning, the analytical study of culture and literature, and practical applications of the language through community-based work experiences and internships.  Spanish majors develop advanced language proficiency, cultural understanding, and analytical and critical thinking skills necessary to work and succeed in a global environment. 

The department strengthens the international engagement of the university by promoting language study, study abroad, international service and internships for all students.  The department provides a service role to the university through language and culture courses for the B.A. degree, general education, selected majors, and others who wish to improve their international competency. 

The Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures is dedicated to providing leadership and creativity in the liberal arts and humanities traditions and in foreign language studies. Through the Southern Oregon Foreign Language Articulation project, the department strengthens foreign language study at all levels of instruction by providing leadership and training to local language teachers.