Teaching Classrooms

classroomWithin the HEC there are forty smart classrooms, each with its own full-touch, screen-control system. The system interactively controls every aspect of the technology, including:

  • desktop computer
  • laptop
  • DVD player
  • sound system
  • LCD projector
  • document camera
  • A document camera has been installed in each of the rooms as an update to the older transparency film projectors. The cameras allow instructors to show solid-paper documents, calculators, photos, books or objects through the ceiling-mounted LCD projector.

    Each teaching station comes with a fully interactive monitor that allows the user to physically write notes using the screen of the computer as a writing tablet and have the notes projected through the LCD projector. In addition, they can highlight or draw or write over Internet pages, PowerPoint presentations or other documents, allowing for visual emphasis during lectures or demonstrations.

    Specialty Classrooms

    Three math classrooms have been equipped with dual-LCD projectors and screens that allow the instructors to use the computer and the document camera interactively for lectures.

    Also, connect anywhere in the world using two way IP video at the Medford Higher Education Campus using our video-conferencing room (HEC 126). This room is equipped with a Tandberg 700 video conferencing unit that uses internet protocol video to connect two-way video running at 384 kbps, with a high quality LCD projector and 8ft screen so you can see life-size images and hear crystal clear audio. This classroom which holds 22 people has a flexible configuration to meet your meeting or classroom needs. This room is also equipped with a document camera, computer, and a VCR/DVD unit to enhance your presentation. The video conferencing room can be rented to the public for global video-conferencing needs. Advance bookings are recommended to ensure availability and connectivity to other sites.

    Presentation Halls

    A Presentation Hall (HEC 132) and a Science Lecture Hall (HEC 112) have been equipped with 7.1 Dolby digital surround-sound, Blue Ray high-definition DVD players and high-def LCD projectors. The Presentation Hall is also equipped with four remote control cameras, a video switcher, audio board and a character generator. All this equipment is run by a video technician in a nearby control room. Record your event on DVD or work with Rogue Valley Community Television so your event or class could be broadcasted live to the Rogue Valley. Advance bookings and scripts are encouraged so that a video technician can work with you to produce an entertaining or informative video. This room is available for use by the public as well as SOU/RCC.