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Passenger Van Operation for COVID 19

SOU's passenger vans can currently accommodate one (1) driver and four (4) passengers for a total occupancy of five (5) people. The small 7 passenger van is not to be used unless it is a (1) person trip. Please keep these numbers in mind when planning your trips. 

Please be sure SOU's required pre-travel approval form has first been filled out and signed by the appropriate VP to ensure the timely processing of your request:

Travel Pre-Approval Form (PDF)

Per the OHA guidelines effective May 15, 2020, SOU’s passenger vans are required to:

  • Maintain at least three (3) feet of physical distance between passengers.
  • Determine and post maximum occupancy for each van.
  • Post clear signs, in more than one language, (available at listing COVID-19 symptoms, asking riders with symptoms to stay home, and who to contact if they need assistance.
  • Mask and/or Face Coverings are required by all passengers and drivers.
  • Provide transit employees and passengers with at least 60-95% alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
  • Clean vans or buses frequently.
  • Conduct targeted cleanings every four (4) hours, with a focus on disinfecting frequently touched surfaces of the bus/train and at transit stations.

The SOU Motor Pool has available, at competitive rates, five 11-passenger vans and one 7-passenger van for university related travel.

Van Types

11 passenger van

11 Passenger Vans

These large vans can hold 11 passengers and gear.  The cargo area in the rear is deep and can accommodate a moderate amount of gear if all seats are filled.  To accommodate more gear and less passengers, the Motor Pool can remove some bench seats for a $25 charge.  Please reference this in the notes on the request form.  These vans do require both driver's clearance and van certification training for any individual driving.


NCM 0202 NCM 0201 NCM 0200
NCM 0199 NCM 0182 1 NCM 0183 1
NCM 0196 NCM 0195 NCM 0193

7 Passenger Van

The 7-passenger van has many different seating configurations.  With a capacity of 7 passengers, there is little room for gear.  If you plan to bring gear it is best to limit passengers to 5 or 6.  This economical model includes a rear view camera and does not require van certification to drive (all drivers still need to be driver's cleared).

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Rates are charged with a daily flat rate and a per mile rate.  The per mile rate includes gas purchase for the vans, which is done through gas cards provided with the rental.

11 Passenger Van Rental $55/Day + $0.65/Mile
7 Passenger Small Van Rental $40/Day + $0.45/mile

Additional Rates:

Cancellation (see Cancellation Policy) 1 day's rate for type of vehicle reserved
Extra Cleaning $25
Removal of Van Seats $25
No Documents Returned (Trip Ticket and/or Gas Receipts) $25
Incomplete Trip Ticket $15
No Keys Returned $25

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Reservation Policy

Due to the limited number of vans available in the SOU Motor Pool, please make your reservation as far in advance as possible.  SOU does not guarantee availability of vans in the Motor Pool.  To request an SOU van please visit Van Request.  For other options, please visit Other Van Rental Options

Remember, all driver's listed must be driver's cleared and have taken and passed the van training prior to the requested trip.

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Cancellation Policy

To avoid a cancellation fee equivalent to a single daily rate for the vehicle type reserved (please see Rates), please cancel your trip with the Service Center ( at least 24 hours prior to van pick-up day listed on the trip.

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Other Van Rental Options

In the event there are no SOU Vans available, there are other options available.  Rental vehicles from Enterprise Rent-a-Car and Butler Ford are approved as meeting minimum insurance requirements in the event SOU Motor Pool vans are not available.  You may use other sources but is advisable to use  a major rental company to ensure adequate insurance coverage.  Please contact them directly to get a list of availabilities and rates.

**Please Note**- SOU staff, faculty, volunteers, and students are not allowed to rent larger than 12 passenger vans.  Vendors require drivers to be 21 years of age to drive 12 passenger vans.

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SOU Van Calendar

**Please Note**  This calendar is for informational purposes only.  Reservations are not guaranteed until email confirmation is received.  Please do not use information listed here to contact other departments about reservations.  If you have any questions, please contact the Service Center.

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SOU Van Request

To view the SOU Van Request From log into your SOU Gmail account.

If you have any questions regarding van rentals contact the Service Center at 541-552-6700.

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