Non-Admitted Students

Students can take classes at SOU without being formally admitted. The credits will count toward a degree after admissions. To create a non-admitted account and register for classes, follow the step-by-step directions. Non-admitted students are not eligible for financial aid.


When students are ready to transfer to SOU they will need to apply for Admissions to the University. The application and information are available online. Visit the website or contact KC Sam in the School of Education at (541) 552-6936 for more information.


Once admitted to SOU, you will have an account through InsideSOU.  You can register for classes through the portal.  Your academic advisor will assist you with your program plan. This is a flexible program, so students may take one class a term or a full load, depending on their timeline. Students can also take courses before they are admitted to SOU - this is considered a "non-admitted student." Many students that are completing their general education requirements at the community college will begin at SOU as a non-admit. 

Financial Aid

Through an agreement between SOU and several Oregon community colleges, students are able to receive financial aid while co-enrolled at both institutions. Students need to be admitted to both schools. A concurrent enrollment form must be completed and submitted to both school's financial aid office at least two weeks prior to the beginning of each term in which the student wants to enroll concurrently. The form is available online under the heading "Consortium Agreements." For more information visit the Financial Aid webpage.