To provide support for early childhood professionals in the community and to allow our online students a venue to work face-to-face with their peers, we have developed a series of Early Childhood Development Workshops. One credit of ED 207/399 will be available for those who attend the full 8 hour class and complete the course assignment.


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Fall 2019

Waldorf Inspired Teaching
Hillary Lowenberg
October 12th
Southern Oregon University, Ashland

Set Two Pending
Core Knowledge CategoriesTBD

Description coming soon!

Learning from Within: Core Qualities and Inspiration for Life Skills
Dr. Younghee Kim
November 16th
Southern Oregon University, Ashland

Set Two
PPLD - 6 Hours
PM - 2 Hours

The workshop will provide an initial foundation for participants to apply strengthbased coaching through Core Reflection. Participants will also learn how to use their own personal qualities more optimally and to recognize and overcome internal obstacles to bring out the best in themselves and young children. Core Reflection is a holistic approach building on our ‘core qualities’ to overcome internal and external obstacles to use one’s best capacities in practice. Core Reflection supports professionals to create flow, inspiration, and high quality in work and life.


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