To provide support for early childhood professionals in the community and to allow our online students a venue to work face-to-face with their peers, we have developed a series of Early Childhood Development Workshops. One credit of ED 399 will be available for those who attend the full 8 hour class and complete the course assignment.


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Fall 2019

Learning from Within: Core Qualities and Inspiration for Life Skills

Dr. Younghee Kim
November 16th
Southern Oregon University, Ashland

Set Two
PPLD - 6 Hours
PM - 2 Hours

The workshop will provide an initial foundation for participants to apply strengthbased coaching through Core Reflection. Participants will also learn how to use their own personal qualities more optimally and to recognize and overcome internal obstacles to bring out the best in themselves and young children. Core Reflection is a holistic approach building on our ‘core qualities’ to overcome internal and external obstacles to use one’s best capacities in practice. Core Reflection supports professionals to create flow, inspiration, and high quality in work and life.


Winter 2020

Building Flexible Communication and Collaboration: Briskworks Storytheatre

Bobbi Kidder
January 18th
Southern Oregon University, Ashland

Set Two Pending

This course will introduce Briskworks Storytheatre, a form that nourishes imagination and supports the Oregon State Core Curriculum for English and Language Arts.  Students will experience creative skill building, enhanced understanding of the collaborative process, and the sense of contributing to a vibrant community.  The intensive format is an opportunity to successfully imagine and move within time boundaries. Participants engage in special focus sessions in ensemble building, vocal articulation and projection, Improvisation, personal narrative,  moving together, and  Playback Theatre.

Brain-based, Whole-child Learning

Tia McLean
February 22nd
Helman Elementary, Ashland

Set Two Pending

Participants will examine the benefits of incorporating mindfulness, dance and yoga techniques in the classroom.  Strategies to promote brain based learning, foster curiosity and empathy, nurture social and emotional skills, and support rigorous academic readiness will be explored. Participants will leave with hands-on tools to build community and connection, promote a growth mindset and support their early learners (particularly students impacted by trauma).

The Art of Puppetry

Leann Tourzan
March 7th
Southern Oregon University, Ashland

Set Two Pending

Description coming soon!


Spring 2020

Superkid Power: 3D Accelerated Social Emotional Learning
Building Inner Strengths in Children

Janai Lowenstein
April 18th
Southern Oregon University, Ashland

Set Two Pending

Implementing strategies and techniques to promote navigation of self-regulation and mindfulness in young children that leads to self-actualization. This establishes the foundation for Social Emotional Learning that fosters inner strength with skills. Mental/emotional/physical aspects of inner awareness and functioning as a system with breathing in every emotion and thought is emphasized as the platform for self help skills and prevention of unnecessary stress in growth, relationships and society contribution. Prevention and resilience are natural by-products for children who gain confidence as their own heroes. 3D Learning makes learning tangible and exciting in addition to accelerating absorption and integration of the skills.

*Also listed as "Empowering Children's Souls" in the SOU class schedule

Director's Workshop

Gina Dusenbury, Michelle Gallas, Younghee Kim, Paula Lynam, Sara Stearns, Rebecca Tree
May 16th
Southern Oregon University, Ashland

Set Two Pending

Description coming soon!



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