To provide support for early childhood professionals in the community and to allow our online students a venue to work face-to-face with their peers, we have developed a series of Early Childhood Development Workshops. One credit of ED 399 will be available for those who attend the full 8 hour class and complete the course assignment.

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For a list of upcoming workshops, please email Susan Faller at!


Types of Workshops that We Host

Native Family and Culture

Chance White Eyes
Southern Oregon University, Zoom

This course introduces students to the academic study of Native peoples through a comparative examination of Indigenous cultures (with an emphasis on the Indigenous peoples of the Americas). There will be an emphasis on “introduce” because the subject is extremely complex. Participants will explore pre-contact economic, social, and belief systems of selected groups; the history of federal legislation and policies relating to Native affairs; and present-day issues of concern to Native peoples, specifically as it pertains to education.

Students will be introduced to an introduction to Native American Studies, followed by it’s applicability to teaching Early Childhood Education, consistent with the newly introduced Senate Bill 13: Tribal History/Shared Histories. 


Family Inclusion: 2Gen Approaches

Felicity Elworthy
Southern Oregon University, Zoom

Study of the field of Trauma using the leading research to understand brain functioning, the types of trauma, symptoms and strategies for supporting children with trauma in the classroom including mindfulness practice and using the Brain Game. This course is an interactive, student centered model delivered online there will be activities, discussions, demonstrations, lecture and a section to explore concepts using a menu of activities.



Contact Susan Faller @ or 541-552-6919