Requirements for the Education Studies Major

  1. Fulfill university baccalaureate degree requirements
  2. The Education Studies major is composed of four strands:
    1. Content Knowledge/University Studies coursework (approx 71-74 credits)
    2. Pre-License/Education Elective options (approx 36 credits)
    3. Pedagogy (approx 51 credits)
    4. Field Experiences (23 credits)

Content Knowledge/University Studies Strand

The University Studies requirements are the same for the students in the program as for all undergraduate students at SOU. However, some courses are highly recommended for teacher licensure content preparation. In addition to the university Studies Requirements, the Content Knowledge strand includes language arts (Children's Literature), music, and technology coursework. Students are expected to see their academic advisor for suggested Exploration (lower division general education)and Integration (upper division general education) courses.

University Seminar: 101, 102, 103, (or RCC WR 121, 122, SP 111) (9-12 credits)*
Mathematics - Quantitative, Inductive, and Deductive Reasoning (12-15)*
Humanities Explorations (9-12)*
Sciences Explorations (9-12)*
Social Science Explorations (9-12)*
Integration: Upper Division (9-12)*

Science, Technology, & Society
Citizenship, Social Responsibility
Diversity & Global Awareness

(*Range of credit represents the varying credit hours possible between RCC and SOU)

Pre-License/Education Elective Options (36 credits)

Choose any combination from the list below up to a minimum of 36 credit hours

University Studies

Psy 201 or 202 General psychology (4)
Psy 460 Child & Adolescent Development (4)
SOAN 304 Poverty, Family, & Policy (4)
SOAN 320 Schools and Society (4)
SOAN 340 Sociology of Gender Roles (4)
Spanish 101, 102, 103, 201, 202, or 203 (4-8)

Education Minor
ED 251 Introduction to Education (3)
ED 252 Child in Our Society (3)
ED 470 Children with Disabilities (3)

Education and Early Childhood Development
ED 443 Foundations in Second Language Education (3)
ED 444 Strategies and Materials: Second Language Learner
ED 445 First- and Second-Language Acquisition and Development (3)
ED 480 Foundations of ECE/ED (3)
ED 481 From At-Risk to Resiliency (3)
ED 484 Curriculum Design in ECE (3)
ED 485 Assessment & Planning (3)
ED 486 Curriculum Content in ECE (3)
ED 487 Family/School/Community Relations (3)
ED 488 Early Language and Literacy (3)
ED 489 Interpersonal Relationship & Group Management in ECE (3)
ED 426 Seminar: Child Abuse and Neglect (3)
ED 407 Seminar: Bullies and Victims (3)
or other relevant 407 Seminar/Special Topics (3)
Others: Selected RCC ECE classes (Advisor approval needed)

Pedagogy Strand (31 credits)

The following courses are required for the elementary education major and for the Oregon Initial Teaching License.

ED 435 STEM: Math and Science Methods
ED 463A/B Reading/Language Arts Methods
ED 464 Science Methods
ED 458 Social Science Methods
ED 473 Art Education Methods
ED 461 Health/PE Methods
ED 415 Music for Elementary Teachers
ED 460 Multi-Cultural Education
ED 466 Human Relations
ED 457A Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment I
ED 457B Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment II
ED 462 Human Development
ED 495 Reflective Inquiry/Professional Portfolio (Capstone)
MUS 373 Elementary General Music Methods and Materials (pre-req: MUS 372)

Field Experience Strand (23 credits)

This strand provides a variety of field-based experiences required for both the major and for Oregon licensure. These include both practicum courses and student teaching. ED 209/ED 309 are used for multiple practica experiences in diverse settings including Pre-school/Head Start, Community ECE programs, ESOL/Bilingual Settings, Special Education, Resource room, Reading/Math program, or age/grade level experiences over time - 30 hours each credit in a minimum of five different settings. ED 411, 416, 417, & 418 form the core of the student teaching experiences.

ED 209 Practicum (SOU) or ED 253 SOU Lead & Serve
ED 309 Advanced Practicum and Seminar (3) OR ED 453 SOU Learn and Serve (SOULS) (3)
ED 411 September Experience (1)
ED 416 Field Experience: Gradual Participation in Delivering Instruction (2)
ED 417 Student Teaching: Second Authorization Level (5)
ED 418 Student Teaching: Second Authorization Level (10)