What are you looking for in an applicant?
Three things: 1) high academic preparation as indicated by transcripts and test scores; 2) high interest and commitment to working with children as indicated by community service and activities listed in your application; and 3) high interest and commitment to education as a profession.

I'm just beginning to work on my Bachelor's degree. What should I major in?
For the Multiple Subjects (Elementary) endorsement, applicants are encouraged to select an undergraduate major that is a significant part of an elementary school curriculum such as English, Math, or Geography. For the Single Subject (Middle/High School) endorsement, applicants must major in the subject they select to teach.

I haven't had much experience working with youth in public schools. Does this prevent me from being accepted?
While public school experience is preferred, experience working with groups of children via social agencies is acceptable. It is important that you have a chance to find out if you really like working with that age group.

Can I work on the experience portion after I apply?
You will need at least two experiences working with age-appropriate children prior to applying. It will always strengthen your abilities to continue to gain experience so we wouldn't discourage you from continuing to work with children, but you will need to file two letters of recommendation from experiences with your application.

Will a letter of recommendation from a professor be acceptable?
We strongly encourage you to submit both letters of recommendation from people who have observed you working with groups of children. You may submit a letter from a professor, but be aware that you will not earn points for this type of letter.

How much time does it take to complete the program?

The MAT Program begins in September and runs for a total of seven academic quarters.

What tests are required for licensure and completion of the MAT degree?
The "Subject Knowledge" test(s) relate to the authorization level and subject you want to qualify to teach:  
Candidates admitted to the Multiple Subjects cohort must pass the NES Elementary Education Subtest I and Subtest II exams   http://www.orela.nesinc.com.    
Candidates admitted to the Single Subject cohort must pass the single-subject NES exam(s) as noted in the Admissions Requirement section http://sou.edu/education/mat/admission.html.

What happens if I don't complete all prerequisite courses before the program begins?

You can begin the MAT Program without having completed all prerequisite coursework as long as it is finished by the end of spring quarter of the first year of the program.  All prerequisite courses must be completed with a grade of C- or better.

Will I be able to work while in the MAT Program?
Yes, the MAT Program was designed to meet the needs and schedule of the working professional. During the first year you will be taking three classes a quarter, with some work done in-person and some conducted on-line. This schedule works out to one-two evenings a week. During the second year you will be spending time working in a public school classroom, which will require some adjustment to your work schedule to meet this demand.

What happens if my GPA isn't high enough?
If your GPA during your last 90 quarter or 60 semester hours was below a 3.0, we encourage you to still apply. You must provide a written statement explaining why your GPA was low. You might also consider taking additional courses to help boost your GPA while also strengthening your background.

How much does the program cost?

You will need to check with the Financial Aid Office and Business Services to determine the cost of the program. Tuition and fees are listed on the Enrollment Service Center's pages.

Is Financial Aid available for part-time graduate students?
Yes, as a graduate student you must be enrolled in at least six credits per quarter. In the MAT Program you will be enrolled in at least six credits per quarter. You will need to check with the Financial Aid Office in order to determine whether or not you qualify for aid that is based on need.

Can I earn two endorsements for the Middle and High school levels during the MAT program?

If you wish to pursue two endorsements during the program, you must meet all prerequisites for both endorsements. We strongly encourage you to talk with Nigel Waterton, MAT Program Coordinator, so that a plan can be mapped out for you. Students sometimes prefer to qualify for additional endorsements after they are in a paid teaching situation.

I just want to be an ESOL teacher. In order to receive an ESOL endorsement, do I have to complete the entire MAT program first?
Yes. The ESOL endorsement is an add-on endorsement which means you must first have a teaching license before you can add the ESOL endorsement.

What do you mean by "cohort"?
The program is managed according to the "cohort-model" concept. This means that students stay together for the duration of the program, take the same classes at the same time, and, in effect, develop a coherent and cohesive learning community.

What are the possibilities of getting jobs after graduation?
Nationally, teachers are in high demand. Most of our graduates have been able to find jobs in their field. Factors such as location, subject area, and school financing all play an important role in the job market.

How do I access my account online so that I can register?

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