• Some of our students continue their active pursuit of literature and language-related activities   in graduate school.
  • Many students come to Southern Oregon University for the Masters of Arts in Teaching Program (MAT), which can lead to a state teaching certificate.
  • Our alumni work in fields ranging from teaching on all levels to writing within different genres to editing for a wide variety of presses.

Jennifer Marcellus, a 2013 graduate, is a clinical research assistant and regulatory coordinator for the Stanford Neuroscience Research Group. 

"As an English major I became a more well-rounded writer and gained valuable experience doing what I enjoyed."

Melanie Condon, a 2012 graduate and the SOU Dankook Award Winner, is a content editor at Alling Henning Associates in Vancouver, Washington. 

“The English and writing professors at SOU were crucial to my success in the editing field. I was consistently challenged to think about language at a deeper and more profound level, and I had seemingly endless access to tangible resources and to a broad network of knowledgeable editing professionals. I graduated with more opportunities than I knew what to do with, proof that a supportive academic environment and a lot of drive can work wonders even in difficult job markets.”

Kayla Stanley, a 2012 graduate in the English Education concentration, traveled to Korea to teach. She wrote from Korea:

“I just want to touch bases and tell you that South Korea is absolutely amazing. I have a brilliant (and adorable) group of students and some very friendly co-workers. I recently finished my online TEFL certification, and seriously, everything I learned during my capstone made the TEFL much less overwhelming and way more enjoyable. Thank you!”

Gabe Howe is the co-founder and executive director of the Siskiyou Mountain Club.

“I started at SOU in 2009. I was 25, had a two-year degree, and I knew I wanted to launch the Siskiyou Mountain Club. I was able to build my curriculum around that vision and it worked. By the time I graduated in 2012, I was getting my first cycle of grants secured and running an organization that has made a tremendous difference since.”


Annie Tomlinson (class of 2012) is a program leader at the Northwest Regional Education Service District in Portland.

Kayla Elrod works at Blackstone Audio and is also a producer at RVTV, and music director at KSKQ.

“SOU gave me the tools I need to excel."

Maymi Preston-Donahue is an Indian Welfare Advocate/Case Manager for the Karuk Tribe.

Shelby Harris (2013) is the Marketing Coordinator for digital and print advertising strategy, website design, and content marketing for a small business in the Bay Area.  

"I loved my experience as a student in the SOU English Department. The small classroom sizes and internship opportunities that allowed me to explore professional writing as a career choice were extremely beneficial and really contributed to my success after college."

Dale Vidmar is a professor of Information Literacy and the Instruction Librarian at SOU’s Hannon Library

“At Southern, students are on a first name basis with their professors. Smaller classes translate into opportunity--opportunity to make the most of yourself and your education. “

Gerard Olson, practice environmental and administrative law with the firm of Hunton & Williams in Los Angeles.

"My time in the English Program at SOU was immeasurably valuable. The personalized approach, hybridized curriculum, and the faculty’s obvious dedication to students’ intellectual development resulted in a rewarding and challenging experience. The program taught me the power that language wields in shaping and framing our world, and how to utilize language to effect change."

Robert Felthousen is the Library Director at Rogue Community College.

We would love to what our alumni are doing. Contact your favorite faculty member or the webmaster at engweb@sou.edu.