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Why Choose the English Program at SOU?

  • Low student-teacher ratio
  • Full-time faculty who focus primarily on undergraduate education
  • Commitment to multicultural and international study
  • Application and experience through internships and practica.
  • Undergraduate research opportunities


The English Program faculty is dedicated to providing a well-rounded undergraduate education. We believe students should gain knowledge and experience in a number of different areas. All students receive a strong foundation in literature and literary interpretation and write in a variety of modes, with an opportunity to focus on a particular area in their Senior Capstone projects. Our class sizes are small, allowing faculty to closely interact with students. Our faculty continue to research and write and bring their experiences to the classroom.


Internships and practica offer our majors the opportunity to use the literary and writing skills they learn in class in the "real world." Students participate in practica at local schools and businesses, write and edit at local presses, and write grants for institutional and community organizations. We pride ourselves on our excellent preparation for students wishing to teach in public schools. Additionally, a high percentage of our students publish creative or academic work and have opportunities to research with faculty, often presenting their work at national undergraduate conferences.

Cultural Life

The forested hillside community of Ashland, Oregon, enhances the appeal of choosing the English and Writing Program at SOU. Whether our students work with local arts organizations or participate in local and campus readings, SOU thrives in a lively area rich in culture, ideal for studying English and the Arts. With the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, and close to 50 galleries, SOU English and Writing students will find they have less time than events to attend.

Current Projects

Digital Storytelling in the Schools: A collaboration of the English program, the School of Education, & Abram Katz of ONTASC:

This short video is narrated by Dr. Margaret Perrow, Associate Professor of English and Director of the Oregon Writing Project at SOU.

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