The English Program offers courses covering subjects like literature, rhetoric, advanced composition, literature and writing pedagogy, and linguistics. We also feature classes that encourage students to engage the community, including courses such as Technical Writing and Grant Writing. There is also the Supervised Practicum, which helps students gain practical experience in fields they might consider pursuing after graduation. We hope students leave the program with a well-rounded education that not only broadens their knowledge but their worldview as well.

Plotting your major path is essential to obtaining an English and Writing degree in a timely fashion, so don't forget to pick up a copy of each term's course offerings from the main office. These forms will help you plan your academic path towards earning an English and Writing degree.

How to Declare an English Major

Declaring a major in English is a two-step process. The first step is to apply for pre-major status. Students may do this at any time, although it is advisable to wait until the end of the freshman year. Upon submission, students will be assigned a department faculty advisor.

The second step is to apply for major status. Before applying, students must complete the program prerequisites, hold a 2.75 GPA in English and Writing classes, and complete 75 credits hours. They will need to meet with their faculty advisor prior to turning in the major application, which requires an advisor's signature.

To get started, visit the Division of Humanities and Culture office in Central Hall 261 and ask for either a pre-major or major application. The English/Division receptionist and/or Division Assistant can help you with any questions you may have.