Practicum provides a sequence of progressively intensive experiences working in human service agencies or other relevant situations. Students are required to work 30 hours on-site for every one (1) academic credit per term. This time commitment includes on-site training, supervision, staff meetings, hands-on service, and on-the-job paperwork. In addition, students must meet the academic requirements which include weekly meetings with the Practicum Seminar and reading and writing assignments.

It is important to register for the weekly seminar class after discussing your practicum ideas with the practicum coordinator. There are three different practicum seminars offered that offer field practium for elective academic credits. All three seminar levels meet together at the same time in the same location, but it is important to register for the proper class. Check current class schedule for term-specific information on class times and locations. The 50 minute required seminar is held once a week throughout the ten week term. Before registering, make certain that this seminar time does not conflict with your other class times, since seminar attendance is mandatory. The three different seminar classes offered are PSY 209, PSY 309, and PSY 409A.

  • PSY 209 - Human Services Practicum (1-3 credits each term) Download PSY 209 syllabus and application
    Freshmen and sophomores usually register for PSY 209 for the first two credits. Offers entry-level field experience for psychology students. Graded P/NP only. Prerequisite: Instructor consent. (See syllabus for details.)
  • PSY 309 - Advanced Human Services Practicum (1-6 credits each term)Download PSY 309 syllabus and application
    Sophomores who have successfully completed two credits of Psy 209, and Juniors or Seniors who are just beginning practicum work, may register for Psy 309. Engages students in an intensive observation of several agencies or programs while reflecting on the incorporation of psychological principles, techniques and codes of ethic. Observation and participation in routine activities are performed under the sponsorship of professional and SOU staff. Graded P/NP only. Prerequisites: Junior or Senior standing with Instructor consent, or sophomore standing with prior experience and instructor consent.(See syllabus for details.)
  • PSY 409A - Practicum and Seminar in Psychological Services (1-6 credits each term)Download 409A syllabus and application
    Juniors and Seniors who demonstrate advanced skills and commitment to their placement site may register for Psy 409A. Provides an integrated didactic theory and practice experience, allowing students to develop psychological service skills and knowledge within selected programs and agencies. This is a culmination theory-practice course. Students must commit to a long-term experience, making formal arrangements for their placements by consulting field practicum instructors well in advance. Graded P/NP only. Prerequisites: Consent of the instructor and the involved agency; Substantial coursework in psychology and related behavioral science disciplines.(See syllabus for details.)

Students may take up to 15 credit hours of psychology practicum as part of their baccalaureate degree, 6 of which may also apply to the psychology major. Students may also take up to another 15 credit hours of practicum from a different department.

Students must plan their practica in advance with their advisors and the Undergraduate Practicum Director.