The human service, field practicum, and internship programs provide a sequence of progressively intensive experiences working in human service agencies in the classroom or in the community. Students in these programs are exposed to a wide range of human service activities and acquire experience as human service providers. Students have been placed in the following organizations: Community Works; Mental Health Services; Welfare Department, Child Welfare, Vocational Rehabilitation Services, Veterans Domiciliary; animal shelter; preschools; Headstart; elementary and secondary school counseling program; special education programs for the mentally disabled; private residential treatment centers; SOU's counseling services; the Women's Resource Center; juvenile justice programs; and public health programs.

Students interested in field experience programs must carefully plan with their advisor well in advance of any placement in such programs. Instructor consent and formal admission are required in all field service programs. Interested students should consult an advisor at their earliest convenience.

A maximum of 15 credits for field experience courses in psychology may be applied toward the bachelors degree. These credits may be selected from any combination of PSY 209, 309, and 409. Only 6 credits from these courses may be counted toward the minimum 57 psychology credits necessary for a psychology degree.

What are the benefits of doing a Field Practicum?

  • Practicum gives you a chance to learn on the job.
  • You can apply and integrate your classroom knowledge to real life situations.
  • You will work with professionals who can mentor your professional growth and offer guidance, direction and support.
  • The weekly seminar will introduce you to other practica opportunities and, more importantly, help you see yourself as a participant in an extensive community of social service providers.
  • You will learn reflection and self-assessment skills through reading, writing and dialog with the Practicum Director.
  • Practicum helps you evaluate your career goals.
  • Students may be offered jobs at their practica sites and/or use references from practica for other jobs and graduate school applications.
  • You may use a practicum site as the focus of your senior capstone project.

Contact the Practicum Coordinator to set up your practicum now!