SAS/TRIO-SSS offers several free 1 credit classes to current TRIO students enrolled in the Student Support Services Program. College Success classes have been developed to help facilitate students’ academic and personal success in college.

TRIO SSS Class Fall 2020 2

Here is a list of a few of the courses we offer:

  • First Year Focus SAS 199 

Designed to help freshmen and transfer students to  learn to succeed academically and personally in a university environment. Students will participate in class activities designed to address issues specific to incoming freshmen and transfer students. Students will also heighten understanding of themselves as learners by clarifying academic goals, improving time management skills, study skills, financial planning, collaborative skills, and assessment.

  • Mastering Your Senior Year SAS 199 

Designed to address academic, career, relational and economic issues specific to students holding Junior or senior standing. The course comprises of seminars and in-class work that will result in a completion of a body of work that can be used throughout the year to enhance and support academic and personal success.

  • Leadership SAS 199 

Designed to help students identify their own leadership style and to understand different leadership styles.  Students will design and create an activity for fellow TRIO students using the skills they will learn that they can use as part of their future career paths and/or scholarship applications.

  • Scholarship Class SAS 199 

This course will teach students how to successfully write and apply for scholarships. The class will culminate in each student submitting scholarships to the organizations of their choice. 

  • Careers - Planning Your Future 

The course will help students prepare resumes and learn interview and job seeking skills to use at the annual Job Fair at SOU and for the future.

**Class schedule subject to change - students should check the term schedule to confirm classes are available.**