Peer Student Mentors

TRIO-SSS Peer Student Mentor will help to help achieve the program's goal of increasing retention and graduation rates of all Success at Southern/TRIO-SSS participants. They will share personal interests, provide additional support, and help you to adapt to university life, among other challenges that you and your mentor can work on together. 

TRIO-SSS has hired Peer Student Mentors to work with TRIO-SSS students. Peer mentors are successful TRIO-SSS students who have been chosen to help guide you to be the best student you can be. Peer Student Mentors can guide you, student, to the student through helping connect you to campus resources, talking about campus challenges, sharing ideas and tips on study and organization and so much more.

You can ask your TRIO-SSS Advisor to refer you to our TRIO-SSS Peer Student Mentors. This service is exclusively for TRIO-SSS students.

Some important expectations to note about this program and this mentorship:

  1. Confidentiality:  Any information that a student shares with a Peer Mentor should only be discussed with Success at Southern/TRIO-SSS staff unless in an emergency situation, and as FERPA allows. Student participation in Success at Southern/TRIO-SSS should also be kept confidential.  No student information is to be shared with other students or outside entities.
  2. Keep appropriate boundaries. Do not invite Success at Southern/TRIO-SSS students to your residence hall when on duty as Success at Southern/TRIO-SSS mentor.  Social activities should be confined to public places based on the current COVID-19 policy.
  3. TRIO-SSS Peer Student Mentors don’t share cell phone numbers with their mentees. 
  4. TRIO-SSS Peer Student Mentors are not TRIO-SSS Tutors.                                                               

Mentoring services are not currently available. 

Please feel free to call us at 541-552-6062 or contact us at if you have any questions. 
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