What Supportive Student Services do we offer?


  • Academic Advising by TRIO-SSS Advisor
  • Academic Tutoring by TRIO-SSS Peer Tutors
  • Mentoring services by TRIO-SSS Peer Student Mentors
  • Personal Education Plans 
  • Career Guidance 
  • Financial Aid Wellness Activities  
  • Financial Literacy 
  • Learning and Study Strategies Inventory (LASSI)
  • FREE One Credit - Student Development Classes 
  • Staff Support committed to your success
  • TRIO-SSS Computer Lab
  • TRIO-SSS Academic Lab (Tutors and Mentors Room)
  • Computer Access and FREE printing 
  • Cultural Enrichment Activities
  • In-Person and Online Workshops and activities

How much does it cost?

All of the services provided through the program are FREE!

What is required of you?

TRIO-SSS students must be enrolled at all times at SOU.

Active participation in the program is required in order to continue being considered active in the program. If not enrolled and/or not actively participating in the program, the student may be inactivated.  Meet with your academic advisor a minimum of two times per term. Get enrolled at least in one Success at Southern/TRIO-SSS Class (1 FREE credit class) per academic year. All students will be asked to sign an agreement to participate in the recommended services designed to help them achieve their goals.

Do you want to refer a student you think may be eligible? Press here

If you have any questions, please feel free to call the front desk at 541-552-6062