Tutoring Services are offered in a variety of subjects for students participating in the Success at Southern/TRIO SSS program.Tutors support Success at Southern/TRIO SSS students with coordination of homework, planning for tests, supplemental instruction, among others.

To be eligible for tutoring, Success at Southern/TRIO SSS students must have:

  • A current Personal Education Plan on file with their Success at Southern/TRIO SSS Advisor
  • Be a current SAS/TRIO SSS Student



Study Jam:

Final Study Jam (TBD)

In SU 143, Across from TRIO Central.

 Tutoring Schedule Fall Term 2019 (TBD)


General Math:   MTH 60, 65, 95, 243, 244


Math 111, Math 251, 252, 253, 321


Anatomy and Physiology: 








Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, BI 211/212/213, 351, 341


Email your paper, outline, rough draft to triotutoring@sou.edu PLEASE ALLOW 2 BUSINESS DAYS FOR A RESPONSE. We suggest you leave sufficient time for multiple drafts to be reviewed if necessary. 

Philosophy 203



You are welcome to utilize SAS/TRIO SSS tutoring during these times. Please meet in TRIO Central (SU 149). All tutoring will occur at this location for TRIO unless otherwise arranged with SAS/TRIO SSS staff.

  • Be aware that the above tutor(s) have other students that see them during these hours as well.
  • Please be patient, the tutor will do their best to address your needs in a timely manner.Please remember to bring all of your course materials and your textbooks to your appointments.
  • Please refer to our Guidelines, Policies, and Procedures for full policy description.
  • Let us know if you have questions or concerns.

If you are seeking tutoring for a class not listed above, please contact SAS/TRIO SSS at success@sou.edu to discuss TRIO tutoring availability.

To Become a Success at Southern/TRIO SSS Tutor: Please apply online through the SOU Handshake posting. Applications are always accepted.