Am I Eligible for the SAS/TRiO Program?


To qualify for this program you must meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Low income (check with us if you are not sure about this or follow this link to the federal guidelines for low income levels).


  • First generation college student (neither of your parents, or the person who raised you, has a four year bachelor's degree).


  • Documented disability (physical, learning, or psychological/emotional).


  • You must have some type of academic need. This criteria is broadly defined, and may include low GPA, low entrance or placement test scores, a need for assistance in completing college level math course, and/or being a transfer student or nontraditional student.

If you are not eligible for the Success at Southern/TRiO program, there are numerous services around campus that all SOU students may access.

Here are a list of additional student support services for SOU students:

Advising: If you have a major advisor please contact them to receive academic advising.  For students not yet assigned a major advisor please contact your USEM or HOUSE advisor.

Academic Assistance- Math, Science, and Writing: In the Hannon Library on the first level, please refer the Learning Commons or visit their website, Learning Commons website, to view their tutoring times.
For Foreign language assistance: The language lab is located in Central Hall, Room 270. For all other tutoring please talk with your instructor for options.

University Coaching and Academic Mentoring (U-CAM): You may visit the UCAM website or call their office, phone: 541-552-6213 (option 2)

Graduate Program Preparation: McNair Program- Limited entry program- Phone: 541-552-8310 or send email to

Financial Information and Applications- Enrollment Services Churchill Building: You may visit the Financial Aid Website or call their office phone: 541-552-6600

Personal Issues-Student Health and Wellness Center: You may visit the Student Health and Wellness Center website or call their office phone: 541-552-6136